Why can t taurus find love

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So try to think of date ideas that surround your own hobbies. Maybe this isn't the smartest strategy, but that's a different story. They thrive on challenges and draw people to them with their charm. Why can t taurus find love [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Do you feel cursed when it comes to love? Do you ever ask yourself, "Why can't I find love"? You want to know what is it about you that scares people off and what are you doing wrong. Love shouldn't be that difficult but for you, but it seems impossible.

Aries, your interest level is extremely short. You can be entirely enthralled by someone and then completely bored by them. It's not just people; it's activities and passions.

Not every moment why can t taurus find love a relationship is fun, but you have to get through them to get to the good stuff. You get bored way too easily and then you lose what little patience you have left.

When you get antsy, you get reckless and impulsive, and suddenly you're breaking up with someone that you thought might be the one. You tend to be rude and completely oblivious to other people's feelings.


Then there are the times when you're stubborn and possessive. You won't listen to reason or see things from someone else's perspective, and your potential partner feels as if you don't care what they feel nor will you make any kind of compromise to improve your relationship.

What You Need To Overcome In Order To Find Love, According To Your Zodiac Sign

You need to deal with your control issues before you can engage in a why can t taurus find love partnership. Gemini, You suffer from FOMOso that you get close to making a commitment, you start to wonder if you're making the best decision. What if there's someone out there who is a better why can t taurus find love for you, or what if your partner can't satisfy you sexually for the next forty years? You tend to not be clear on what it is that you really want, so you put up road-blocks for yourself.

You might go through the motions of looking for love, but if you actually found the perfect person, you panic that you or they weren't good enough. You don't just wear your heart on your sleeve, Canceryou wear it on your entire body. You're so sensitive and tend to make people feel as if they might upset you without meaning to.

You have to work at keeping the dynamic tension alive in relationships by remaining committed to and passionate about your own life. You rich gay dating apps test the waters or you will never feel secure. You have a strong nesting instinct, and creating a comfortable home with your mate tops your list of fantasies. Touching, holding hands, and kissing are an all-night affair for you.

Your sign loves to be pampered, so save your money for spa treatments that make you feel relaxed and beautiful. Couples massages are a big turn-on for you. Indulging in anything luxurious with your love by your side gives you a serious case of the warm-fuzzies.


Love Horoscope: Taurus. Smart, funny, and completely original, Aquarians are compelling individuals. They lead non-profits, become politicians, write life-changing books — they inspire everyone else to be better. Aquarians are their own biggest obstacle on the road to love. They dislike emotional expression and can feel trapped in the confines of commitment. An Aquarian should only be willing to date other deeply individual and independent people.

They should select deep-thinkers who are too wise to be thrown off by the lack of affection that might accompany an important work project, or an election. A Sagittarius or a Gemini will solve this problem.


Compassionate, loving, and devoted Pisces are a sought after partner — when they are bold enough to make other people realize how valuable they are. While they possess a myriad of qualities that make them desirable, they can also be shy and meek and those qualities go unnoticed. To find success in love, all a Pisces needs to do is resolve to have a little more courage and a little less patience.

Learn the art of a good brag once in awhile.

Taurus Sun in Love: Traits, Expectations & Fears

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2 Ways Your Relationship Will Change In 2019, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. Gemini May 22nd to June 21st Geminis are why can t taurus find love and imaginative. Leo July 23rd to August 22nd Prescriptives perfume are creative and driven.

Virgo August 23rd to September 22nd Hardworking and practical, Virgos make great partners for almost anyone. They dislike confrontation and can carry a grudge. Scorpio October 23rd to November 22nd Scorpios are the kind of people that tend to be either loved or hated — rare is the person who has lukewarm feelings about a Scorpio. Capricorn December 22nd to January 20th Capricorns are independent and adept.

Aquarius January 21st to February 18th Smart, funny, and completely original, Aquarians are compelling individuals. Pisces February 19th to March 20th Compassionate, loving, and devoted Pisces are a sought after partner — when they are bold enough to make other people realize how valuable they are.

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Why can t taurus find love [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)