Meeting a guy online for the first time

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It can linger on clothes, hands, or linens, and give the guy a gentle reminder of the amazing woman he's just met. Remember, it only takes one great connection, you just might have to weed through many first dates to get to the one that truly matters. You look forward to the date, but you are also somewhat nervous. Meeting a guy online for the first time [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Pro tip: Actually recycling is a better look than talking about recycling. That's an adult-ass moment. I've been challenging myself to go on more dates with people I normally wouldn't choose to meet up with. The men I've chosen to hang out with up until now haven't been right for me, so I clearly don't know what's good for me.

13 Things Guys Notice When You First Meet

Fashion-forward like Marnie? Or are you a total Shosh?

Meeting your online date: the do's and don'ts

While you might not identify with any character from Girlsthe typical guy will inevitably at least subconsciously categorize your style in the first instant he meets you. Hopefully, he's evolved enough to know that you're more than what you wear, but your style will definitely impact his first impression. Your Boobs. Look, unless they're concealed and shrouded like King Tutankhamun, your breasts will be noticed by any warm-blooded male who meets you for the first time.

Men are simply biologically programmed to seek them out like pigs that forage for truffles. Whether you choose to present your boobs proudly like trophies or secure them conservatively to preserve some element of mystery is entirely up to you — but you must know that guys are looking.

And evaluating. And talking. Your Butt. In yet another unfortunate but inevitable case of objectification, when you leave, that guy will likely hopefully at least discreetly also grab a glimpse of your booty.

Most gentlemen either fall more squarely in the "breast" or "butt" camp, claiming connoisseurship of one body part over the other. But identifying a guy who notices neither would be like discovering and proving the existence of the Loch Ness Monster.

Your Confidence. Most important of all to a guy meeting you for the first time is the energy that you exude. Remember, this person is still a stranger and you need to be cautious. First meetups are not romantic dates; that part comes later once you are comfortable with the person and have built some trust. Find a coffee shop or a cafe in a busy place where you can scope the individual meeting a guy online for the first time before you even sit down with them.


I used to meet my dates in our church cafe because I knew the entire staff had my back and cared about my well-being without being obtrusive. Make sure you get to the location early and park in a well-lit, safe area.


Have a plan for your own safety and stick to it. If you feel comfortable, then introduce yourself and get to know a little bit about this new person. Try to focus on listening and reading body language to get a good feel for the person. Ask plenty of good questions in a non-threatening way, as if you met someone at a party or a barbecue. And remember to keep it casual. This is where you determine if there is some interest in moving forward with this person.

Try to relax, be yourself and attempt to keep your expectations low. You hope that you will have a good time but know that it may not go well. When you go on a date with someone you met online, the feelings are much the same.

7 Things You Have to Do Before Meeting Someone You Met Online

You look forward to the date, but you are also somewhat nervous. A typical horoscope lays out what you can expect for

Meeting a guy online for the first time [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)