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This means you wont be able to see them and what they are up to likewise they wont be able to do the same with you so you have to pick correctly so you can sleep well at night knowing Yaw is being faithful. It has numerous offices including those of international NGOs and many embassies are located here too. You must avoid them at all costs. You have to be wise. You cant afford men to see you with another pretty single friend and pick them over you. Where to meet rich guys in accra [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

It is not densely populated as rent in this area can only be afforded by the very rich. This is of the areas meant for the affluent. The University of Ghana is about 4 km away from this area. Many wealthy and foreign students live here.

The place is really beautiful and serene; full of trees and well structured streets. This area share some similarities with Labone.

It is about 6. Dzorwulu is very suitable for middle class families.

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There are several social centres such as restaurants, grocery stores and movie theatres where people can meet and interact with like-minded people. Indeed, many people go to malls, especially after work hours and on weekends, hoping to find love. They have become ideal places to find life partners. Beaches are one of the places where people go to wind down and have fun. In Ghana, the beaches are usually flooded with people on weekends and public holidays.

It is a great place to meet a potential life partner because the atmosphere there is usually relaxed and people are more inclined to make new friends.


Like beaches, people visit restaurants to eat, drink, relax and have some fun. Some go to listen to some cool highlife music or to watch football. The atmosphere in such places is serene and usually ideal for making new friends.

All that a single individual needs to do to catch the attention of a potential life partner is to offer to buy them a drink or to pay for their meal. Social events like plays, movie premieres, musical shows, festivals and even funerals present an opportunity for people to make friends and potentially find love.

Although most people tend to attend movie premieres and plays with their partners, there are still many other single people who attend such events and who could be open to starting a relationship. Many have found their life partners on the seats of commercial buses and taxis. Millions where to meet rich guys in accra people use commercial transport, especially, "trotro" every day, and many of them are potential life partners. In our report, we stated that the churches have millions of members, despite the fact that God is not worshipped there.

Where else do you think a searching man or woman can find love in Accra? For north to south, east to west, we have you covered.

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When you join the world of AfroRomance, you'll never want to look back. The AfroRomance brand is built on the desire to help singles form genuine connections with other singles, in turn leading to successful interracial couples. Ghana You're Welcome! Woman Man. Page 1 of If you can go with your laptop, make it look like you are busy doing work while you are having lunch. Ask a potential for business advice. Many business meetings are held there so you will for sure meet a business man and you can start things from there.

Expensive residential areas — They say in Nigeria women jog on the Lekki-Ikoyi Bridge in hopes of meeting and falling in love with the right person. That is smart.


You have to be a sharp babe in Ghana and find the right places to strategically place yourself. Hang out in the expensive residential areas. My advice is to see a potential and say you are lost and ask for directions. Do this only with eligible men. There are plenty single men in this world some younger than you, some your age and plenty that are old. Look for a single man Maame. Sporting events — This just makes sense.

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You are looking for a GH man and they love sporting events so why not go to one and have a variety to pick from. Weddings — This is important and one of the reasons you had to make GH friends.

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Weddings are the best place to meet someone who might also be in the mindset of getting married. A wedding sets the right mood and environment for meeting a potential man and makes for a great story later on. That is not your portion. Next year we need to be going to your wedding. Coming from abroad you are a trophy, a big prize. For many years we were told stories where to meet rich guys in accra GH men who lived abroad and went home to visit and would meet a woman. But things would change in their love story.

As soon as Adwoa steps foot in Toronto she drastically changes into a vampire and decides to leave Akwasi penniless and brokenhearted. Well now this is happening to ladies. To them you are only an opportunity to come to this so called land of milk and honey, this place where the streets are paved in gold. When they get here and are a bit comfortable they will show you pepper and leave you.

Where to meet rich guys in accra [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)