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I will be expanding the material shortly for my next romcom novel…so if anything funny happens to you let me know!! Meeting the family is a big deal in most cultures, but even more so in Spain. Eyes black rimmed around the iris, with a reddish orange hue surrounding the pupils, flecked with gold and lighter brown rays, will reach deep into your soul. Dating guys from spain [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

The land of Flamenco and Sangria is home to some of the most handsome and interesting men on the planet. They are famous for their intense magnetism and for their dark eyes, long eyelashes, thick hair and sun-kissed looks. Spanish men are no doubt attractive, flirtatious, often funny and charming, while at the same time being gentlemen.


Four months into my big move to Spain I was wondering if I would last the whole year. However, after spending the holidays in Italy with my family and yearning to go home, I headed back to Spain determined to make the best of my remaining five months there. Within a week, I met my Spanish boyfriend, and three years and many challenges later, we are still making it work.

What is like to date a Spanish man?

Spanish Men

Spanish men have the reputation of being tall, dark and handsome, with thick accents that can make you swoon. However, there are some similarities. Here are some things to keep in mind for your Spanish love affair.

The first and most important part of dating a Spaniard is meeting their family. Meeting the family is a big deal in most cultures, but even more so in Spain. Expect it to happen pretty early into the relationship. Three weeks into dating my boyfriend, I still remember when he timidly asked me if I would like to meet his sister and niece.

I was surprised at how soon he asked, but it was clearly very important to him. Weekly dinners or even daily lunches, where the whole family comes together, are really common. Be prepared to join in dating guys from spain those weekly dinners.

9 things you’ll love about dating the Spanish way

The majority of Spanish guys still live at home. With an unemployment rate of 45 percent, this is understandable. I was lucky to have a solid base of Spanish when I came to Spain.

Things can get complicated when it comes to those inevitable arguments. When it comes to arguments, patience is always key. Plans do not exist here.


How does this apply to a relationship? Well, in mine in particular it was a bit difficult for us to overcome this huge difference between our expectations at first. As you can imagine, it led to quite a few arguments, especially when it came to planning trips.

You Know You Are Dating a SPANISH Man When...

With time, however, we struck a balance. I eventually adapted to the Spanish lifestyle and became less compulsive in planning, and he understood that for bigger trips, we had to make reservations and plan in advance.

In our daily lives we move to our own rhythm. Spanish men have a reputation for being incredibly romantic. That being said, this does vary depending on the person. In fact, Spanish men are quite shy and not at all forward when it comes to talking to women. If he presents you to his family which, more often than not, comprises of about two hundred distant cousins, fifty first cousins, countless aunts and uncles, grandparents, a handful of brothers and sisters and of course his parents it means that this is on!

He is serious and everyone will expect you to be wedded and pregnant before the year is up! You have just joined the European Union again!

Lisa 27 October, Hey I would just like to say love the way explain Spanish men, hilarious. Never expected to laugh so much reading your article. I have been dating a spanish man virtually internet for just over 3 months now and I am meeting him end of November. Cant wait thanks for the info and the laughs. Cristina 27 October, Hi Lisa, thanks for popping in.

I will be expanding the material shortly for my next romcom novel…so if anything funny happens to you let me know!! Nychouse 22 August, Cristina 22 August, Dating Tips. First Dates.

Date Ideas. Dating Stories. Date Restaurants. He relayed this on our second date. I found myself literally stuck, dating guys from spain to come up with an immediate reply since we were sitting in the tiny cable car on our list of dating sites in up to Tibidabo.

The effort definitely trumped his funny word dating guys from spain and made me relax. Leave that one to his mother. My Spaniard love wanted every other man to know that I was his girl.

It takes quite the effort to fend off admirers on the crowded terrace of Sala Razzmatazz on a Saturday night, so he had his strong, tanned arms around me at all time regardless of the temperature approaching degrees.


And even though I cherish my independence, I found myself liking this gesture of affection. After a few hours of discussing basketball with his athlete friend and politics of succession with his zealously-Catalan buddy, I was officially accepted.

Dating guys from spain [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)