Lines to flirt with a guy

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If you can be confident, you do not even need a pickup line. Post to Cancel. This line signals your interest while warning him away from a long-term arrangement. Lines to flirt with a guy [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

And if you fail? Practice, practice, practice! There are always plenty more lines to try! In the end, flirting is flirting, so have fun with it and lines to flirt with a guy what works best for you.

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Are you a camera? Because every time I look at you, I smile. Pickup lines for the smooth guy: 1. Your smile lit up the room, so I had to come over. I seem to have lost my phone number. So, does falling from heaven hurt? Are you always this pretty So, do I lines to flirt with a guy to be your friend before I ask you out? Or can I take you out for dinner tomorrow?

I know what you're thinking You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. Do you like walks on the beach? My heart skipped a beat when I first laid eyes on you.

Muscular women dating site are the most beautiful angel I have ever seen. You know what. I think God was showing off when he made you! If I asked you for a dance, would you say yes? The moon seems to have turned green from jealousy, I am sure it's the effect of your presence. I do not want to seem too forward, but I already see us having a beautiful future together. If I were Edward Cullen There is no one in this world who is worth your tears, and when you find him, he won't make you cry!

Almost every time, women know when you're up to no good and they can easily see through men being fake. So be honest with your feelings and respect them. Only then you'll be able to talk to the one you like. The only problem with you is your address. It should be the same as mine. Pick any body part and you are sure to draw his eyes. If you are especially forward, you can even let him check.

This line lets him know clearly that you want to spend the night with him. If he is interested, he will take up the offer right away. Be with me and brighten my world.


A little overused and corny, this line is best for people who want to break the ice without offering sex on the first date. Kissing is supposed to be the language of love. Would you like to start a conversation? Use a seductive voice and flirtatious glance for this one, and he will be swept away in an instant.

Without the right attitude, it could come off as corny.


I wanted to find out the truth about an urban myth and I thought you could help. Well, you do have lines to flirt with a guy feet…. Slyly grin and lean in. With the right body language, he will know that you mean the pickup line.

Before long, he will be yours for the night. It must be so dark outside, since all of the sunshine in the world is right here. You never have to worry about me. I never become emotionally involved, everything is just physical.

You can always eat breakfast for dinner, but tonight you should have me for breakfast. If he says that he lost his as well, you can always tell him to prove it to you. Either way, you will be bringing someone home tonight. Use this double entendre to catch him off guard before your stunning introduction.

With a flirtatious smile, he will be uncertain if it is just a line or if you really want to bring him home. Spend a little while getting to know him better and find out the answer on your own. Guys are not normally that picky.

Funny and Cheesy Pick Up Lines for Guys to use in Bumble or Tinder

If the girl is attractive, there is an excellent chance that they will go home with her. They are easy for you to remember and help him to know that you are interested within seconds. Like the last pickup line, this one is a classic. This line could go several ways. When he asks what your best feature is, you could be honest and tell him. You could lines to flirt with a guy tell him that he will have to find out on his own.

The added air of mystery and expectations of a great night will peak his interest. Cute and accurate, this is an uncommonly good line. In a few years, it will most likely join the list of classics. I have this special recipe for love. It takes a cup of you and me, kneading until hard and you have to serve it hot. Although this line is more in depth than many on the list, it scores points for originality.


If you want to catch his eye, you have to lines to flirt with a guy yourself apart from the crowd of girls around you. This pickup line is certain to work. A word of warning—if you make the offer, be prepared to followup at some point.

Hey beautiful, we should play a game. Pretend that my pants are France and feel free to invade. For the macho guy, this mixes childhood fantasies of military conquests with up-close romantic conquests as well.

Use it and enjoy the results. We should have breakfast tomorrow. Do you want me to call you or just give you a nudge? This implies that he will be with you in bed by morning.

Flirting Lines for Girls That'll Attract Guys Like Fireflies

If he is not smart enough to catch your drift right away, you should move on to a different guy at the bar. Just have the confidence and become the pro of flirting. I hope you will find these Hilariously Funny pick up lines for him useful.

May you will also enjoy the collection after the proposal to the lucky boy. Ok, you will get the meaning of it if your read it little dear. It gets your point across though, then you can start working on your new love interest.

This is totally honest and straight forward.

The Funniest Pick Up Lines!!

Corny pick up line but cute and adorable for him. I was blinded by your glamor and smartness. I want to get your last name for the lifetime.

Hey Smarty, Do you want to play firefighters? But my date bailed out. Would you like to be my date?

13 Slightly Cheesy Pickup Lines That’ll Make Him *Blush*

If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put 'U' and 'I' together. If I told you that you have an amazing body, would you hold that against me? Didn't I meet you in my dream last night? I wish those eyes would give me your phone number, but I guess I'll have to ask you to do that. I got tired of waiting for you to come and talk to me, so I came here instead. If I follow you home, will you keep me?

The first time I saw you, I felt like we had this amazing connection. You are the first person who has been able to make my heartbeat slower and faster at the same time. I feel like I need to be protected, will you protect me? Love is more than what meets the eye, let's find out what it is, together. I think I am falling for you! I give my smile to everyone.

But I think to you, I gave my heart. You may not be Mr. Right, but I am willing to take a chance with Mr. Right Now! Your smile just made my day!

Lines to flirt with a guy [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)