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You can show all four of the color combos now on flirtcosmetics. Next, she shaded the outer corners with it, followed by a swipe of the fuchsia gloss onto the center of my lips, which she then lightly blended the edges of the liner with. Check out a close-up of the available black-and-red designs, below. Trending Videos. Flirt cosmetics amber rose [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Besides their degrees of separation from Kanye, Rose is the latest celebrity to get in on the lip kit trend. On Tuesday, she dropped the Flirt Cosmetics Ombre Lip Kit, which essentially combines two trends in one convenient place.

Leave It To Amber Rose To Launch The Coolest Lip Kit In Town

Like most standard lip kits, this set also includes two products that help create one complete look. However, Flirt Cosmetics riffed off both the lip kit and ombre lip trends in a brand-new way.


But this liner isn't a pencil. Instead, it's a cone-shaped lipstick.

Flirt Flashes Lash Applicator Review + I Met Amber Rose!

Flirt Cosmetics took cues from eye kajal liners to create what it calls a Lip Kajal. It comes in a typical lipstick tube but twists up to reveal this uniquely shaped lipstick.

Amber Rose Is the Face of Flirt Cosmetics

The second part of the lip kit is a non-sticky lip gloss. As much as we'd like to make summer last forever, it's literally impossible — so we have to get creative. While some people may print out photos of. Nearly every celebrity we know is showing classic signs of hair fatigue. Emma Roberts continues to toggle between a Cali blonde and dark-chocolate. The singer announced on Instagram. The top tattoo artists in the game might have conflicting opinions over designs — especially whether or not inking your partner's name on your body is.

Since she emerged onto the Hollywood scene in the s, it's been hard not to love everything about Jennifer Lopez. She's given us a lifetime of bops. There are some important questions that remain unanswered in this world: Will Big Little Lies return for a third season?

Where did Drogon go with. It was a match made in Instagram heaven—the star had just followed Robertson not flirt cosmetics amber rose before their meeting, as she was considering buying some of his artwork. Are you sure you want me for your brand? My 12 million Instagram followers get it, and I believe all the women in here get it. The first piece, which flirt cosmetics amber rose been dubbed Flirt Flashes launches September 15, is a lash applicator tool that comes pre-loaded with single flare trios, and takes all the work out of placing your falsies.

Though it may resemble a white-out dispenser you used to stash in your middle school pencil bag, Robertson likened to to being "a staple gun for your eyelashes, but without the staples Check out Rose's campaign image below, as well as a few of the sketches Robertson created of the star.

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