Man finds flying squirrel baby

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Recommended From Honest To Paws. Flying squirrels are nocturnal creatures and live in trees. Even then there's a good chance it will die. Look at the guy in the background! Man finds flying squirrel baby [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Indeed, because imagine this, wild squirrels tend to thrive with just squirrels for parents. If you observe wild squirrel parents, you will know they aren't going to be PTA board candidates for a few million years of really intense evolution. For example take the rocket scientist squirrel parents that built their nest so it would drop their young to their death on said sidewalk. That worked out so well, right?

This little baby though hit the lottery ticket because a human is polyamorous dating sites free tending to it. Food, shelter, healthcare, love. What more can anything ask for? Little guy never left the area and did fine.

I raised a dying and abandoned baby squirrel just fine. And yes, if you know the little guy is abandoned you CAN save them successfully. They are darling critters with such clever and fun personalities. Why are the posts suggesting that you take this squirrel to a professional wildlife rehabber getting so many down man finds flying squirrel baby That is man finds flying squirrel baby best thing for you to do. It's great that you saved it off of the sidewalk, but you really shouldn't be hand raising wild animals.

Squirrels and flying squirrels are different in terms of care. The fact that you have friends who cared for squirrels doesn't mean they know much of anything at caring for flying squirrels. In addition, the one pictured is extremely young; it likely has to be tube fed rather than bottle fed and this is man finds flying squirrel baby dangerous to do if you don't know exactly what the hell you are doing.

They often doing fairly well for days after being found before dying. A veterinarian friend of mine I'm a vet tech has attempted rehabbing 4 flying squirrels in the past 5 weeks and 3 of them randomly died It's illegal in most states to keep any sort of wildlife without a rehabilitation license. Even then there's a good chance it will die. I swear, the reddit world is so picky with up and down votes. What do you see wrong with this last post that you had to downvote? People don't want to be told that what they are doing is wrong, or what they think is a cute gesture is wrong.

I appreciate that people want to help out wildlife but doing so incorrectly leads to more problems than good. While I hope that the squirrel does well because flying squirrels are adorable chances are it won't. Even in the hands of a professional one this young won't make it, much less someone who has no experience with them. Good on him. That still doesn't disprove the point that non-professional rehabbers should not be keeping wildlife.

Posts like the OPs encourages people who don't know what they are doing to attempt rehabbing a wild animal and, more often than not, it leads to the animal's demise. It's more like infant flying squirrels are extremely fragile when not in their mother's care. People need to get over the fact that baby animals die and If the OP doesn't take the squirrel to a licensed rehabber it will die.

Even in a professional's care it will only likely die. Whose to say it will die?


Quick research will show many people whove raised baby flying squirrels. It's still alive.

Raising A Baby Squirrel By Hand - A Childhood Dream

There was a good chance it would die had he left on the sidewalk too. You people and your licenses and professional this processional that. And it is not illegal to keep wildlife. Why in the fuck would that be a law? What purpose does it serve? In most states it's illegal to keep native wildlife as a pet. With exceptions and with licenses things vary, of course. Okay, I get it, but why does there have to be a law against it? Shouldn't most people know not to keep a water buffalo or a polar bear as a damned pet?

Doing a quick search brings up two states that show keeping wildlife without a permit as illegal it's also against the law in SC; I work directly with the wildlife rehabbers in Charleston. It's a public health and animal welfare control. Public health because many animals carry zoonotic diseases and animal welfare because most people aren't capable of properly caring for them. In the man finds flying squirrel baby you can see the skin going to his wrist traveling back along his body.

Her eyes opened and she took in her new daddy and savior. Oh hai, are you my mommy?

Man nursed a baby flying squirrel back to health — and made a lifelong friend

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Whatever Jeff was doing was working. Still, there was a long way to go…. Their friendship was growing stronger by the day, and it was helping the tiny squirrel to recover her strength faster than he could have expected. Luckily, the pooch seemed happy to have another furry friend around the house. Nonetheless, Jeff quickly developed a routine. For several weeks, he would bottle-feed Biscuits some nutritious milk every few hours in order to keep the little squirrel healthy and strong.

He might not have been a mother squirrel, but at least he was able to offer her food, shelter, and warmth! Soon, Biscuits was learning new tricks—like how to skateboard! Look out Tony Hawk!


As Biscuit got bigger and her personality began to shine through, she and Jeff goofed around—a lot! Jeff would dress her up in silly clothes, like this comically large hat made of folded paper. She wore it well, huh? Just look at those precious, massive eyes… how could anyone not fall in love with this cutie?

Man finds flying squirrel baby [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)