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Pics pls. Does this count? As in, they have "sexualities" of sorts? Animal crossing flirting [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Then when End went to leave, Marshal said, "Goodbye Last edited by Cosmic Gerbil; at PM. I always thought Lopez was secretly gay because he's the only one that really flirts with me my character is male. He's smug, though. Jambette tends to get a bit I don't like the looks of that big mayor-sized net.

O'Hare does it all the time, especially when he's drinking coffee at the roost. Originally Posted by Nunnafinga. I have two I post on Tumblr animal crossing flirting this happening. One: Felicity was angry at Olaf for something and he talk her out of it by calling her pretty or something like that. Another: Marshal was trying to get Sally to hang around with him, just the two of them.

Zero Streams - Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Ep 5 Everyone Is Flirting With Me!!!

By asking her out to shop together or go fishing together and Sally kept saying she had some things to do. I know I said two but there is another where O'Hare was trying to get Francine to dance with him.

Those are all hilarious! I really wanna find those convos you posted LOL XD are they recent?


It's so hilarious how they just can't get any of the girls but sometimes animal crossing flirting player character I recall a conversation on the internet where some peppy was mad at a smug for getting a stain of some drink on her shirt. Don't remember how it ended Does this count? Tex was visiting Sterling's house, and he said something like, 'Mmm, Sterling's house smells like Sterling.

Like Sterling and deodorant.


Mmm, no. Doesn't seem like flirting to me. But certainly funny! You're right, it's more of a creepy aside or something. You should consider getting a smug.

Villager Flirting in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

They're so weird! There've been a few occasions when I've had to deliver something and the receiver says, 'I smell his weird cologne. And there's usually a card attached that says, 'I put my soul into this. Love, [smug's name]. They have a thing about smelling others. I remember a conversation between two smugs, Lionel and Tex which started, 'Mmm You smell good today Well, a different sort of strange. Yeah, get that smug. Here is Marshal trying to ask Sally out Here's one from my older town.

Bahahaha oh, Animal crossing flirting love those convos. But uchis and snooties are my favorites. Yeah, my smug Colton is crazy about me. Random sidenote: I read that Isabelle has a animal crossing flirting on the mayor with either gender. Zell, all the time.

He thinks he's so slick. Occasionally, lazy Erik does too. Originally Posted by Amy-chan. Marshal in my other town. That's how smugs are. I had Marshal in my last town and he flirted with me!! I have Zell in my new town and he doesn't flat out flirt, but I think he likes me.

Animal crossing flirting [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)