50 year old korean woman looks 20

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I work with Asian people and I do agree that they look way younger than other people, BUT, these pictures are not reliable. Too many filters. Bored Panda works better on our iPhone app.

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50-Year-Old Korean Dentist’s Youthful Appearance Stuns The World

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Mom, 63 and Daughters 41 and 36 Stuns The World With Their Youthful Looks! Anti-aging Secrets

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She Is 51 Years Old But Looks 20 Her Youth Secret Is This One Natural ingredient

AND if she really does weight training e. But good for her - she knows how to look younger at her age of 50! She is the new late 30's! Yes, here and there and everywhere. Her face still shows some signs of her age.

This is not a bad thing. She might be better if she let herself look more mature. The body is actually the easier part because you can keep it quite young with hard work. Having a face like that at that age though takes the work of a skilled surgeon!

Especially with her seeming to love the sun so much!


Lee Burns I am an aesthetician. Asian women tend to look younger as well due to melanin. The reason she looks so young is not only due to surgery or lifestyle, it also has to do with the FACT she has melanin. She 50 year old korean woman looks 20 looked young for her age which is why surgery makes her look twice as younger. You guys need to stop being jealous and take notes. You might look up the face exercise regimen developed by Jaclyn Smith, the former Charlie's Angel.

She developed the program for women who are unable to have surgery and I've been using those exercises for 15 years. This is what she did to achieve such youthfulness. Lee Su Jin is a year-old woman who has suddenly become a sensation on the internet.

The secret is 50 years old.

This 41-Year-Old Woman, Who Looks 21, Is Freaking the Internet Out

She was born in and has been a dental practitioner for the past 16 years. See herehereand here for reference. But that's not why Hsu is suddenly making waves on the World Wide Web. Apparently, people are freaking out because she is actually 41 years old.


She is a well-known young looking year-old because judging from outward appearance alone, she can fit in with a group of college seniors. Lee Su Jin became an overnight sensation when she was invited onto a popular Korean TV show with her daughter. She confessed that after her daughter started middle school, they stopped talking to each other.

She amassed thousands of followers and that made her feel good but it did not improve her relationship with her daughter. She knew she needed help because she could not bear the strained relationship she had with her daughter any longer. They look more like sisters than mother-daughter because Su Jin looks incredibly youthful. As for the secret of staying youthful, she really takes care of herself as she exercises regularly as well as maintains a healthy diet.


It may also be genetics in which case her daughter is very lucky! Good Times. Main Animal. It has been 18 months but this Greek Hachiko refuses to…. Proven by science: Dogs can detect a bad person.

50 year old korean woman looks 20 [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)