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Just follow the steps:. Alternatively, if you are comfortable with it if you could join Kik community or any of those available third-party websites around. There is no reason why you should restrict that too just Twitter, though. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The fact remains that there is any one official way of doing this. Find kik friends by location [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Type a username in the search field at the top of the screen. When the user you're looking for appears in the list below the search field, tap their username.

Find Kik Users In My Area (Near Me)

Tap Start Chatting to send the user a message. Tap Find by Phone Contacts. Use this option to locate Kik users in your address book or to invite a contact to use Kik. Scroll down to find the contact you'd like to invite to use Kik. Tap Invite to send a text message inviting the user to chat with you on Kik.


Search up that specific username and if someone owns it, they will come up. Yes No. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 8. On Kik you have a code scanner, and other Kik users can scan that and add you similar to Snapchat. Another way is to press the magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner and click the icon that says "Use Phone Contacts" find kik friends by location your phone contacts will show up and you can add people that way. You can also add people by looking up their usernames.

Not Helpful 3 Helpful You can search for your friends' name only if you connected your contacts to Kik, and the names have to be whatever is put into your contacts for them. Not Helpful 4 Helpful 9. Welcome to Kik Messenger Channel! This is a place to: Find Kik usernames.

How to find kik usernames (online users)

Post Kik sketch. Vote Kik sketch. Anything about Kik messenger. You need to follow this channel to post. One way is to subscribe to sites like Whisperand post classified ads there looking for new Kik friends.


You can also post ads looking for friends on sites such as Craigslist. Want more help with finding people to chat with?

Find Local Kik Girls

Check out our tutorial on finding the best chat rooms. Having trouble with people bugging you inappropriately on Kik? Learn how to deal with that in our article on how to block, unblock and ban other users. Would you rather use Kik on a Windows PC instead of your smartphone? OK, so if in the previous section we talked about one of the hardest ways of finding users on the Kik messenger app, in this section will talk one of the easiest.

Searching by username could not be any simpler. All you will need to do is to enter the user name of the find kik friends by location you are looking for in the search box.

Find Local Kik Friends

What happens if you do not know the username exactly? That should not be much of a problem because the search function uses predictive text, which means that if you enter part of the user name you will get all the hits containing it.


So, as long as you got at least part of it right, you should be able to see the username that you are after. If, as we said in the previous section, you decide to join the Kik Community on any of the other third-party websites for Kik users, you should be able to search by age, city, username and other criteria.

This is a great way of finding people to chat with as long as you are comfortable with it. Twitter on Tumblr are the best social media outlets for this. Just as long as you see appropriate hashtags you should be able to find other Kik users that way. Also sharing your own profile and social find kik friends by location will yield lots of results.

Just make sure that you get peoples usernames accurately so that you will be able to add them to your chat lists.


A great idea is to have your own Kik messenger user name on your social media profile. If you do not want to risk getting the wrong username from other users, then you should ask them to provide you with their Kik code. This does not only include their telephone numbers but also their email addresses.

We are talking about the book address match feature.

Find kik friends by location [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)