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My subjective 2 cents regarding Godin Guitars. We are always looking to improve, update, and innovate our products. I have a Montreal 2 voice. Godin serial number dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

If the parts needed are not available at our online store, please contact our info line : info godinguitars. Warranty claims are handled by our dealers. You should contact the dealer where the guitar was purchased. All Godin guitars are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. Electronics and hardware are covered for one year.

Gibson Serial Numbers - 1977 to Present

You'll find our left handed models here. The H. It is revoiced with an active preamp which enables you to go husband flirting at work passive to active pickups by pushing the button located between the tone and volume knobs on select Godin electric models.

Tru-lock Trem allows the player to regulate the tremolo arm placement by adjusting the rear sustain block with an Allen key 3mm. This locks the arm into a Custom Comfort Zone. Godin does not sell guitars direct to consumers. You can godin serial number dating a complete list of dealers here. I found one in a different color and came up with the EZ The only guitar I found with the exact Headstock.

Unlike others that are at the top. I was told it was a Also that they didn't make many of them. Mine is a Blue with a flame maple top. Dual Voice. The one on Gruhn Guitars is the same guitar but a different color. I found so little about the Godin serial numbers online. I contacted Godin via email.

I have a Montreal 2 voice. The discontinued model that's Mahogany semi-hollow. Seem the first 2 numbers designate year made.

My serial number is: I'm assuming the first 2 digits are year. Yep, assuming. Easy to contact on Godin site. Quick reply with the info I wanted, which was. Year made. This Montreal has a bolt on neck. Not your usual type. The 'ergonomic' neck makes me a better player. I'm fine with that. The LR Baggs transducer bridge is wonderful. Graphtech nut. I've had other models, and they too were nicer than the big names of same cost. My subjective 2 cents regarding Godin Guitars.

Hope this info may be of help. Nice to find a site for these fine Guitars. I know it's recommended to unplug the guitar after playing to preserve the 9V battery for the acoustic preamp. My question is, which instrument cable? The pin cable? All three including the electric?

Simple matter but I'd like to know the answer. Thanks for any help. Looking at the official Godin website pictures, godin serial number dating, their desert blue colour shows as a blue-green colour think dark cyan which I like. I'd love to place an order, but I just don't know what omar single ladies expect.

I understand the issues around colours on different monitors, colour perception and so on, but there seems to be two radically different colours called desert blue. It looks bonny. I am not the original owner. I bought for half but it was physically in bad shape. It haves steel strings on it. Can't put nylons on it because the slot on the nut are too thin for nylon. There is no serial number on the whole guitar. It does not have the Godin signature below the volume and equalizer control.

The brand on top of the neck looks authentic of Godin. The plate that holds the body and the neck behind haves the Godin signature. Haves 2 plain plates with four screws each. One has the electronic boards where you set the 9 volt battery. The 5 th digit represents the day of the week that the guitar was built, godin serial number dating from Monday. So, overall we can tell that this guitar was the th guitar built in the 3 rd week of August in and it was built on a Thursday.

So we can work out that it was built on Thursday the 19 th of August, This a bit complicated but usually people only want to know the year that their guitar was built — so you can work that out a bit easier. I mean I guess serial numbers are really meant for internal purposes for Seagull and for anti-theft measures but sometimes you want to be able to find out the year of production.

I imagine if you were to contact Godin they would have this information. This represents the model of your guitar. In our example the first 6 digits are — this is the model number of the Seagull S6 Original. If you want to find godin serial number dating model number for godin serial number dating guitar go through godin serial number dating models until you find the number that matches your guitar.

You should be able to narrow this down reasonably quickly as you should know at least which series your guitar is from. These guitars are usually priced a little bit lower and if you can find one you should be able to get a good deal on an otherwise perfectly fine guitar. The last 5 digits represent the number of that particular model built since switching to 12 digit serial numbers.

In our example the serial number represents the rd S6 Original built since Godin changed to 12 digit serial numbers.


But as I said earlier, it is perhaps the fact that serial numbers are mainly for internal company purposes and for identifying stolen property. But, it would be nice to be able to quickly tell what year your guitar was built from the serial number as well.

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Seagull 12 do you have a. I think your best bet is to contact Godin to get the year of that one. Hi, I have 3 seagulls; s-6, meritime and artist studio.

I have seen it in a few pictures of other artist series. Does it indicate anything in particular? Thanks, Bob. But I looked it up and did find some pictures with that on it. Hi I have an S 6 and my serial number is and the model is stamped demo would you have any build date information Thanks Brian. Thanks for your message. Best bet is to contact Godin guitars the company that manufactures Seagull guitars and ask them. Watch the factory tour and see how the godin serial number dating is in the details.

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Godin serial number dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)