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I can completely understand why he raged off stream because he's literally carrying the entire show now. It's either content or pretty girls. Rajj was actually one of the first people that I followed on Twitch. Then it's just a downward spiral of "well here is how you should improve yourself". Black Lives Mattter, Social Movements, Rajj patel dating show [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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Archived from the original on rajj patel dating show March — via PBS. Me, I'm not a socialist, I'm just open-minded. But I think that we need to look at solutions that have happened in the past for us adequately to be able to come up with better ideas for the future, because this one, the ideas we have right now, really aren't working.

Rajj Patel rage quits his popular dating stream show due to chat feedback

Marquette University. Retrieved 11 February Colbert Report. Retrieved 8 February — via colbertnation. The New Yorker. Retrieved 29 July Patel grew up a "God-fearing Hindu," but now calls himself an "atheist Hindu. Abahlali baseMjondolo. No House! No Vote! Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Unfortunately, it's rare that you get both. Didnt watch back then, but I assume there is a reason rajjtoilet took his name from Rajj. Is that correct?

She wasn't the problem, at all.


The problem was that the dude that got on, Dakota, literally just got on a few days ago. Plus that other bitch, Savana, was a fucking annoying rude bitch. Sweet jesus, she tells some dude rajj patel dating show comes on that he comes off as super rude while she's being 20 times more aggressive and retarded. That bitch shall never come back on Rajj's stream, hopefully ever again.

I have not seen one of his streams since months now and I will keep not watching any, until something changes. Sometimes on reddit and other places smaller streamers complain they dont get noticed, they never get on front page and such.

Twitch is becoming something of the chosen ones, of the important people if u only muscular women site a "name" an "etiquette" then yeah, u will be praised. And looked for. Best IRL content i have seen this year was from Byron and Reynad with the lemonade stand even tho it didnt work at the end. I hope that other streamers will create similar content like that because i really enjoyed the stream that day.

Even for a comedy psuedo dating show, you'd think some of the questions these girls would ask would be better than, "What would you do if you're on a date and the girl shits herself".

rajj patel dating show


I mean, really? Would you suck a dick for 5 million dollars? U wouldnt? That is were i close this shit. These streamers are taking time away from their own lives to be on the show. Its kind of messed up to just end the show like that, without at least doing shoutouts. If someone is on some baby shit, you have every rajj patel dating show to complain, especially taking time out of their day for his stream.


I feel like the more popular Rajjs stream gets the less of a stream we get. Longer intros, same people, shorter streams, from 5h streams to 1. He deleted the VOD immediately after. If that was the case, I think he would have given the clip chimps an opportunity to clip it first, no? I didn't expect to see this clip here.

It's an interesting concept of the chat voting out people until the last man standing. But yeah, I never really liked the dating show part of his streams. Yeah fuck making shitton of money. He should rather just take your advice and go back to making pennies.

No one likes this content, this whole post is proof of that. Ppl started watching him for other reasons. The guests were trash, and the girls had mic problems. Honestly the show was garbage wasn't that surprised when he ended it, the chat was probably the last straw.

A fan of his other shows rajj patel dating show didn't like this blind date one, then again maybe he just needs better guests as in the guys that came on. So true. Are you a virgin? How many girls did you sleep with? Where will you take a girl out on a date? OFC they're boring but for fuck sake the dudes who go on stream know what they're getting into. True that. So far, Savana has been the worst i saw. Not only because she's boring as fuck like many others, but she's just a straight up ugly bitch.

Or as soon as they took about something interesting, he cuts them off because he's afraid of ToS. Like for real. I read all 41 comments hoping that someone would explain who these people are. Who are these people? As far as I can tell, a white guy pretending to be Indian whilst hosting some subpar dating podcast.

Everybody is like "wait, what? She is so weird. I reckon it was a combination of things. Chat being spammy, girls being toxic Savana and Snappy were rude as hellthe male guests being forsenSleeper. It was a bad time and Rajj must have snapped. Genuine question: Why do people watch this stream? I've never been to it myself. I see clips from it on this subreddit all the time and it's always the same Jersey Shore levels of retarded banter between people too infatuated rajj patel dating show themselves to realize what's coming out of their mouths.

It's like throwing eggs at a dumpster fire. I think that's what he's best at but yeah, dating show rajj patel dating show stale months ago. Honestly its the cast, these Thots are boring as fuck only offer tits and Rajj doesnt change it upp at all. It's also really weird how he keeps talking about twitch affiliates and smaller when will you find true love buzzfeed. I think he's mentioned the same topic on 5 different occasions between his own stream, greek's podcast and recently on trainwrecks' podcast.

He always says he doesn't really care that the affiliate program exists but for whatever reason keeps bringing it up. Talking about them in what capacity out of interest?

Like to be helpful towards them or that they annoy him? People show up for his stream, follows, subs, and he just ditches way harder than greek. Way to treat his viewers lmfao. I mean it is though Doing recycled content is fine, but don't be mad about when viewers call you out on it - just say "yeah?

He got rid of literally the only one that wasn't repetitive and boring which is "got talent" because he claimed that there were too many "singers"yet he kept tinder and king of the hill which are filled with leeches coming on attempting to get some exposure, while also consisting of the same boring sex related question and topics, it's omar single ladies own doing. Actually surprised this kind of content didn't die weeks or months ago.

He gained a ton of traction with this whole dating stuff. But it's boring as fuck, for me anyway. Rajj's RP and runescape content was the best. Bring back Arma 3 days. What's interesting is rather than leave as most people do for uninteresting streams.

They stay and complain. It goes to show how much they're attracted to those girls, like moths to a flame. Lol, rajj patel dating show, i'm with you bud. Rajj patel dating show me of this Joe Rogan clip i saw recently where a guest was asking "Why do they like the pictures of the Instagram girls?

They can just look at them without having to like them". The thing they don't tell you when you're made the Messiah is there's a lot of people who think you're the antichrist and want to kill you. If you're interested in licensing this or any other Big Think clip for commercial or private use, contact our licensing partner Executive Interviews Black Lives Mattter, Social Movements, Watch this book trailer video to hear author, activist and academic Raj Patel talk about his book The Value Nature, money, work, care, food, energy, and lives: these are the seven things that have made our world and will shape its future.

Award-winning writer and Raj Patel on Democracy now. Instructor Mark Bittman in Subscribe to see more from me, im working on something for Rajj, coming this christmas! Also check me out on twitch and twitter! November 14, Raj Patel, an award-winning writer, activist and academic, connects our modern food system with history and sexism and calls for Instead of the usual incel What's the role of food in a climate rajj patel dating show world? The root of the word 'anthropocene' implies that it's humans who are responsible for this scale of disaster.

Rajj patel dating show [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)