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Koliko Kosta se [Destination]? Jacob : Serbia girls are the perfect combination of being loyal and being sexually active. The mixture between Slavic genes and several other ethnicities has done miracles for the looks of Serbian people. Dating a serbian girl [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

This is not a surprise, considering the USA The Clintons lead dating a serbian girl bombing of the entire city in the 90s. The city itself makes sure to remind you of that — by keeping a couple of destroyed buildings in the centre, just like the airstrikes left them. Combine that with the lack of economic growth and it would be a dating a serbian girl to see the city become gorgeous within less than a decade. Perhaps I could show you videos of how young people flocking to a nearby lake called Ada Ciganlija to swim and play beach volley with hot girls in nothing but bikinis — and it would still be a hard sale.

Fortunately, regular readers of this site are anything but that — and they will no doubt check those places out if they decide to explore Belgrade. What Belgrade does offer is what ultimately moves the more off-the-grid kind of travelers: tons of restaurants, coffee shops, bars, nightclubs, relaxing places and sports events.

I would suggest avoiding New Belgrade Novi Beogradwhich fake dating app game a newly built, pretty nice residential area on the opposite side of the Sava river. It may be great for locals and the quality of flats will be way better — but it does not allow a real traveler to experience the city properly.

Dating a Serbian Woman – 4 Things to Remember

Depending on where in the west you come from, you will find Belgrade cheap, really cheap or dirt cheap. Unless you fall for a tourist trap or make it a mission to find a Michelin starred restaurant good luck, bro I see little reason to EVER spend more than dinars US dollars on any single meal.

Topping it up with another gig will set you back a couple dollars — so no reason to ever worry about using all your data or connecting it to your laptop as a WiFi Hotspot.

Avoid buying your SIM in street kiosks and head to the official shops instead — where dating a serbian girl will be friendly and professional and will help you in good English! Public transportation is very limited so Dating a serbian girl pretty much avoided it — but locals usually just jump in and out the city buses without paying dating a serbian girl a ticket something which will shock many visitors. As in many of other less developed countries, taxisin Belgrade can be hit or miss.

I personally only had one bad experience when I boarded an unofficial taxi, meeting someone new after a breakup I called the driver on his bullshit and after a couple of back and forth insults we reached a reasonable agreement. Koliko Kosta se [Destination]?

Should be enough broken Serbian to get the driver wondering how up to date you are with local taxi fares. Ever since I got back from my 5 week experience in Belgrade, lots of people have asked me whether they should visit or not.

Because of how Serbian society works, Belgrade is a city that works much better for social butterflies than introverts. Simply put: countries with a southern, Mediterranean culture think Spain, Italy, Greece etc.

From personal experience living in countries like the UK and the US I learned most social interactions there have a heavily transactional feel to it. Imagine a club in most western countries.

The Ultimate Guide to Dating Serbian Girls

A guy who starts an interaction with other men there is usually either trying to impose himself as looking cool, or simply trying to leech value from them objective: accessing the women in their group or acquiring information about the environment. This is simply not the style in cities like Belgradeand people men and women alike can smell it from miles away.

Demeaning other men, acting all hard and macho or treating others as if you were superior to them yes, this includes bartenders is not the way to go. A real human, and not an act. That wraps up this article on Serbian women—hope you dating a serbian girl it.

Good luck. Hell, with the advancement of technology, blow-up dolls may be far more […].


Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify dating a serbian girl of new posts by email. You overlook the fact that there were fairly dark people in the Balkans and southern Europe long before the Turks. The Etruscans, for example, who were headquarters in northern Turkey, were dark. Their art shows dark hair and eyes and bronzed skin. While not aggressive, they can be possessive of their women if a lone wolf approaches them.

There is a world of difference between their receptiveness to approaches at night versus during the day.

Serbian women: how to date girls from Serbia

Meeting women during the day is much more advisable. The layout of Belgrade makes it a solid pedestrian city. During the day and early evening, you will have a multitude of women to chat up. You will be impressed with all of the beautiful women walking about. Serbian girls are friendly and respond well to foreign gentleman.

They are active and love to leave their homes to go for walks, meet friends and hang out in cafes. Serbians, in general, are welcoming in nature and are kind to foreigners to their country. Fortunately, there are one website that is solid for meeting Serbian Girls online:. International Cupid. Serbian girls are truly spectacularly beautiful and feminine women dating a serbian girl can compete with the most beautiful women in the world.

Serbia is a cool city with a great combination of a hip vide and interesting history. If you are planning to visit Serbia, we suggest that you dating a serbian girl as long as possible and try to develop a social circle with the locals.

7 Reasons You Should Date a Serbian

Your email address will not be published. Language ability Another commonality with Romanian women is their high levels of English. Culture Social circle is extremely important in Serbia. How to meet Serbian girls For first-timers, we recommend Belgrade, the capital city. View Post. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. A country where people openly welcome you to their homes with the warmth only associated with family for most western cultures.


It is a tight knit community where certain customs perceived as normal here can be a bit overwhelming for outsiders. Here are a few pointers for anyone who wishes to go into dating a Serbian woman.

Similar to western culture, dating a serbian girl are the way to go when greeting someone you meet for the first time. When your lady friend is introduced to you for the first time, or she approaches you while you are seated, it will be best to rise to greet her. This is a gentlemanly practice that seems to be fading out slowly but you would do well to revive the practice. This makes you exude an air of a gentleman as well as chivalry. Whilst you talk, try as much as you can to maintain eye contact.

When dating a Serbian womanthere will come a time where you will be invited to her home to meet her family.


Since Serbians are generally very hospitable, you can expect to be offered food and beverages.

Dating a serbian girl [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)