How do i meet lady gaga

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Photo time! Facebook Twitter. It becomes abundantly clear that the miles to Philadelphia are paved in potholes. How do i meet lady gaga [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Just be lucky. You have to be prepared endurance-wise. Sometimes you gotta wait hours and hours on end for even a glimpse of her, allot yourself that time.

Surprising Fans with Lady Gaga

Scope out the venue, find the artist entrance, backstage entrance, or stage door. Maybe she'll stop. Otherwise she might speed past but it'll be easier to catch her on foot instead of wheels.

I Spent 10 Minutes With Lady Gaga (and Her Dog, Asia)

Oh and remain calm, once people start screaming and stuff she's more likely to flee lmao. Also be alert and pick up if other fans are waiting too. Waiting for her outside hotels and venues how do i meet lady gaga to be a bit hectic and you'll probably wait hours for just a glimpse.

But she could also decide that day that she wants to stop and greet fans. Just be prepared to wait, pay attention to social media and other fans ' knowledge. I ended up meeting her during the C2C tour because she loves hopping into dive bars to sing jazz.

A mixture of planning and doing your homework works but you gotta put in the effort to get what you want. Not sure if she'll be doing that this time around though since its pop concert time.

How to meet Lady Gaga

Forget that! I guess I'm lucky because I'm seeing her in Amsterdam. She always stay here for a few days and I know which hotels she usually stays in. I really hope i'll meet her. Basically this. And let me tell you, when you haven't prepped yourself to meet the soulmate you know so much about, but they never knew you existed until you started freaking out on them - it isn't pretty. She's sweet, kind to a fault.

I was clearly at least, in retrospect bothering her, but she didn't seem to mind and even made time to talk. One fan has tossed up a jacket that told How do i meet lady gaga to look in the pocket.

Gaga found a walkie talkie in the pockets and was able to speak with the fan.


Signs also get fans backstage. Gaga was so impressed by this that she invited the fan backstage after her performance. If you actually get to meet Gaga, keep in mind that you will probably only have a few minutes to spend with her. Make the most out of your meeting by staying as composed as possible. Bring things for her to sign or a camera to get pictures with her. Another nice gesture would be to give her a gift. She loves unicorns, handmade items, daisies and white roses.

At the end of the meeting be sure to thank her and give her a hug.


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How do i meet lady gaga [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)