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Do you really want to remove selected members from this list? MissBelanja Standard Member. Travelling addict, 4WD car lover, I love beach, nature, movies, not really good at cooking but still work hard on it, trying new things, and gardening. Indonesia muslim dating site [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

I am a complicated yet ordinary girl who think the world is too beautiful to capture. Recently into photography, still an amature though, but everytime i get a chance i will take a snap of what i think is beautiful.

Some of my friends think that i. Tria Standard Member. Mervina Standard Member.


Looking for a man who will marry me I'm Indonesian-Indian girl, I was a student in the Netherlands, in a university called Stenden University in Leeuwarden while also worked as a stagiaire in Laren, Noord-Holland as the requirements for my bachelor degree in Hotel Management Major tha.

Nam Yerim Standard Member. Just be myself. I like games specially horror games. I like eating food.


I don't like to have travel more than 10 minutes because i just a little girl who want to stay at home daddy's sweet little angel. I'm 21 yo. And my zodiac is aries.

Arab & Muslim Singles

Eve Standard Member. Calling worldwide citizen with travel flexibility. I am a decent human being who look forward to seeing other decent ones. I am passionate and devoted. I appreciate sharing thoughts and feeling as indonesia muslim dating site would build connections between 2 people. I used to live in Europe SwitzerlandI am getting al. Dewi Standard Member. Friendship and more. Ye em write2end. I'm an economically independent person.

I enjoy movies,travel and reading books. I am working out and Run. I'm healthy,stable, sincere and respect others. To me relationship between 2 person is not about the past its is about. Vinda Standard Member.

Indonesian Girls Prefer Older Men For Dating, the age gap is not a big deal to Indonesian girls

I never believe on unknown people easily and people should need efforts to know and be close with me. I don't like rude and annoying people. I prefer the polite one rather than impolite. But in reality, I am an easy-going and friendly person. Maria Standard Member. No fake profile please. Travelling addict, 4WD car lover, I love beach, nature, movies, not really good at cooking but still work hard on it, trying new things, and gardening. Cannot stand club, night life.

I am happy to laugh indonesia muslim dating site love people who love to laugh anyway. I love my mom, I respect my mom soo much,I would like to marry soon to complete my deen, if you like me please send message. I'm a friendly and easy going woman. Just an ordinary woman. Looking my half Deen.


Please indonesia muslim dating site message me if you are married and your wife is a good wife and you have no urgent reason to practice polygamy or only separated without divorce yet, I don't want to hurt any woman by sharing her husband. I am truly single so if you are not honest in your marital status on your profile, please don't message me.

If you think Indonesians are friendly, it doesn't mean we don't have principles and dignity. I am an ordinary woman with a indonesia muslim dating site hope to be a good Muslimah I.

I am simple muslimah person. I wish i could indonesia muslim dating site better everyday in my life,my deen. Learn, learn, and learn is my key to do the best way in my life, here and in the hereafter. Husnul khatimah and save with all of my family to go to Jannah. Aamiin yaa Rabb. Loving and caring who like to put up smiles on loved ones faces. My name is Mawar. Im a math teacher. Im here of course for serious thing. Have my own business. Gettinh Marriend and having happily ever after family.

Simple person, loving and proud the way i am. Im humble, loving, caring person and sensitive. I'm looking to get married soon, preferably this year. I'm not good in describing myself actually. I'd rather being judged by others who know me. I was a nobody to them. Iman Wahyudi Especially for Muslim women who want to fight with me reach Al Jannahdon't want to pick up provisions for the jannah don't add me. Yudhy Cool, Honest, Calm, Easy Going, saya orangnya cepat beradaptasi, mudah bergaul, sayang keluarga, tidak suka ribut, tidak pernah membuat masalah tambah jadi masalah karena hidup ini adalah ibadah dan cuma sekali jadi jalni saja hidup apa adanya.

Herolint Hello my dear. I am what does 30 year woman look like commodity entrepreneur, natural rubber plantation, coconut, coffee.

I also work socially to help and defend small communities and poor people in community institutions. I cannot leave my homeland, because I was born in the large fami. Danang Hobby: motor cycle community for i communitas was to share knowledge, looking for as much as possible and when no sisters again long journey we mutual monitors from outside the city in the city and outside the island.

Aris I'm looking for a serious woman t I slasher the type of person who doesn't like to play feelings do we stop?

Because I really appreciate a commitment. So I need a woman who is serious and accepts me for who I am and honest, loyal to me. I'm a passionate man, I know what I want. I know how to get my way.

Here I want to find a good, caring girl, so that he understand me, respect me, value me. Fasha Just an ordinary muslimlets talk maybe we good.

Just this wouldn't do we stop? Because this is the way to jannah, do indonesia muslim dating site stop?

Muslim women in Indonesia

Because this is Washington to our self, country and our when will you find true love buzzfeed. Hi I'm completely as a straight woman.

I'm looking for long term relationship leads to marriage. But slow down. Let me know you first and try to get to know you until i'm sure ' are you my future man that I look for?

And very welcome with anyone who wants to get to know about me. Because i"m a friendly person and want to know everything about new things from new people.

I'm an educated woman. I'm open minded woman and I've graduated my school. I'm just an ordinary woman with a good heart with great attitude. I like cooking and reading.

I'm a family indonesia muslim dating site and very close with my parents and sis and bro. I am easy-going, loving, caring and tender person. People describe as the one who has a big loving heart to share with everyone. I like to make others smile and happy because it makes me feel wonderful. I am always optimistic about my life and love to explore everything new. Family and friends mean much to me because I consider myself to be family oriented and devoted to close people.

Interests: I usually spend my time with friends and family. I go in for sports because it is important for me to keep myself in shape as well as in good health. As any woman, I enjoy cooking and it is one of my favorite things to do in my free time. Rizqi A nice and kind girl is looking t Well organized, I hate liars, false hope, indonesia muslim dating site promises. Myself, I love to cook, swimming, to be at the beach for surfing or just laying down and relaxing.

I love adventure. Take me to any places I never been, I'd like it. Especially nature. I like to try new things like going to places I've never been before, or try new recipes, etc. I love to be actively outdoor or if not out, I can just stay home watching tv or listening to music whilst reading a book. Shinta Check my profile before you say H Career girl who's currently living in Jakarta. Working in a foreign digital marketing company. I dont really know my body measurements, so let's get to know each other!

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