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Excuse me, if I get a little pissy at a silly piece of advice. Chat Rooms For Girls. Highh time for Airtel customer care for looking into the matter Jan 7, Random Video Chats. Airtel chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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Continious Sms and Missed Calls hello, i'm getting a continious Sms and Missed call from this numberplease look it in to this issue its really iretating me and ask them to stop this kind activity. Regards Senthil. Recently Updated Complaints Shree vidhyaashram international school chimanpira shahpira jaiput airtel chat room Not giving salary Shree vidhyaashram international school chimanpura Gigolo list - Nitesh yadhv is tha frod prsan Nitesh yadhv frod hee sala madharchod bhenchodh uski mape Saddle Bag - I didn't received my airtel chat room Hello, I have ordered an itemit's showing that Whirlpool - Defected I bought a fridge muscular women dating site whirlpool this April.

I called the Sku open degree batch - Sku open degree exams,and Sku open degree exams batch. Yellow chilli Pacific Mall - Owner was very very rude Whenever we have any event we choose yellow chilli because I agree.

Log in Register. Submit Complaint. India, Tamil Nadu. Consumer complaints and reviews about airtel friends chat. Jul 4, Jan 7, Dec 16, Jan 31, Jan 23, airtel chat room Dec 15, And Rs. Is this the way to behave with the customers? I don't want this friends Chat. My mobile no is [protected]. So please see that deactivate this friends chat and not to cut my balance further for friends chat.

Otherwise i have to sue the consumer court in this regard. Yours faithfully, rajyalakshmi co k. View all Airtel Reviews. The same thing is happening wid many ppl as well Highh time for Airtel customer care for looking into the matter IS some1 going to look into thsi matter.????????

Airtel Mobile — deducting Rs 30 as subscription for frienz chat without my consent My Airtel mobile no. If airtel customer care is viewing this, please remove my mob from this useless service!

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AirTel — Cannot unsubscribe from friends chat Hello, I don't know how airtel friends chat got activated on my mobile no: [protected] SInce then I was trying to unsubscribe that service. These trials to unsubscribe are airtel chat room my time and money unnecessarily, and is in vain. I wanted to lodge a complaint against the airtel services.

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Airtel Friends Chat — without my permission cutting amount in my mobile rs.30 to friends chat

Amit Narawane. Airtel — Activated friend chat without confirmation Hi, I want to complaint about Airtel that they activated Friend chat on my mobile without asking me and taking confirmation. Is there any way to sue them? He starts going on at me about how offensive I'm being, but I wasn't trying airtel chat room offend anyone.

People who work at certain jobs, income, etc.


People who don't work because they choose to live off the state fall in the under class. I asked if he'd prefer me to call them people-who-choose-not-to-work-and-instead-live-off-the-state-class but he chose not to answer. So yeah. He eventually left the room. Excuse me, if I get a little pissy airtel chat room a silly piece of advice.


I'm not saying I was right to overreact at all, I'm just saying that, knowing all this information, my Mom airtel chat room have been a little more careful with what she said, as I often have to be careful what I say around others who've had a bad day.

So my Mom hung up on me. Which made me cry even more. I miss home in general, though of course uni is okay. It's going to be hanging over my head now.


Or possibly just flit aimlessly between things until it's an acceptable time airtel chat room go to bed. But yeah. It's just been a bit of an upsetting day, and a nice, kind conversation with my parents would have helped a lot. Though, of course, I acknowledge that it's kinda my fault I didn't get one.

Something really sweet just happened. A minute later Rehana's knocking on my door saying she'd seen in my eyes that I'd looked a bit upset, but she hadn't wanted to make a fuss in front of everyone.

Airtel chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)