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EAL back in business. Intelligent, troll-free conversation built upon a strong sense of community and full of creative, friendly, and occasionally offbeat men and women who care about their careers and the aviation field in general. The Pilotcast The original hangar talk podcast. Pilot chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt) BEST FREE ONLINE DATING AUSTRALIA

Got a question about changing pilot chat room landing light or installing a new radio? Any mechanical questions you've got, someone here probably has an answer for you! Discussions: 5, Messages:Avionics and Upgrades This forum is for discussion about avionics and upgrades for your aircraft.

Discussions: 1, Messages: 23, Aerobatics Whether you're an aerobatic pilot or just interested in it, you can find all the loops, rolls, and other maneuvers inside! Discussions: Messages: 7, Latest: Would my AI survive a roll? DanaJul 23, at PM. Got a tale to tell about a recent fly in? Just think a particular airport is neat? Talk about it here! Annual Gaston's Fly-In.

Annual Wings Fly B Q.


Charitable Flights. Six Yankee Niner Fly In. Windwood Fly-In. Here's the place for Dispatchers and dispatch-related discussions! A place to discuss everything related to Homebuilt, Antique, Warbird and Classic aircraft. ForeFlight Map Annotations Plotting Here is the place to discuss any medical issues related to getting or maintaining your FAA Medical Certificate.

A place to share tips on everything related to the travel all pilots endure. Restaurants, sightseeing and other attractions are discussed here. A place for those who just can't get enough of flying at work and bought their own airplane to fly even more! An area to sell or buy various goods and services. Please keep this section like the classifieds.

For discussions which are "Out of this World", this is your place to be. Celebrating Apollo 50th Have a question about aerodynamics or a feature on a particular FMS, this is the place to ask! A place to tell your best "Hangar Flying" and "war stories" for all to enjoy. Let's hear what has happened pilot chat room you! And now I'm here. Going for an upgrade, new hire training, a new certificate or recurrent training?

All training related issues are discussed here, step inside, learn and discuss!! This space pilot chat room available for discussions of labor organizations, union election campaign material and anything else related to labor organizations.

British Airways pilots could strike. We have it all here! Access to these forums is restricted to employees of each specific company. Only thread titles are viewable to the general membership, posts and content within the threads are not viewable except to room members. EWR Service.

Not able to attend a Guest Chat in person? Here's where you can catch up with the discussions. Transcripts of all of the Chats are found here.

Virtual Flight Surgeons - Dr. Phil Parker Features of the network are aimed at bridging the gap between on-the-go people who share similar interests, background, relations and a passion for aviation.

VIP and Corporate Aviation. The website is dedicated to serve Pilots and Flight Attendants with daily current business aviation news, pilot chat room, informations, contacts, free chat with avatars and jobs.

Featuring the latest airline news, forum, gossip, free email, jobs, training, and much more. Cabin crew wannabees are also welcome join and find out more about their dream job. Input your layover time and city and it will show you friend matches for the same time period. Interactive city guide, messaging, forums, videos, and more. Intelligent, troll-free conversation built upon a strong sense of community and full of creative, friendly, and occasionally offbeat men and women who care about their careers and the aviation field in general.

Explore non-rev options, use tools to improve your trip, and learn about the best places to go and stay while on your trip. Special discounts also available from a number of travel providers. Send mail, share photos, post blogs in a section called Skypost, chat and check out the pilot chat room airline jobs submitted. Created by crew members for crew members.

Wannabes Forums Forums for those aspiring to join our fraternity of professionals. Please use the Private Flying forum for initial PPL issues and pilot chat room not connected with professional licences.

Professional Pilot Training includes ground studies A forum for those on the steep path to that coveted professional licence. Whether studying for the written exams, training for the flight tests or building experience here's where you can hang out. Logbook entry for Instrument Cabin Crew Wannabes For discussing all aspects of becoming Cabin Crew, including applications and the assessment process.

Use this area for both Direct Entry Pilot and Cadet-scheme queries.

Pilot Chat

ATC Issues A pilot chat room where pilots may enter the 'lions den' that is Air Traffic Control in complete safety and find out the answers to all those obscure topics which you always wanted to know the answer to but were afraid to ask. NATS interview process. Safety Card sentence. Due to advertising legislation in various jurisdictions, endorsements of individual practitioners is not permitted.

CASA cardiomyopathy. Questions If you are a professional pilot or your work involves professional aviation please use this forum for questions. Enthusiasts, please use the 'Spectators Balcony' forum. Without Weather Radar? Non-Airline Forums.

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Crosswind Crabbing Technique Accidents and Close Calls Discussion on accidents, close calls, and other unplanned aviation events, so we can learn from them, and be better pilots ourselves. Fatal Glider Accident in Non Airline Transport Stuff News and issues not relating to airline transport but still involving aviation.

Breitling Aerospace woes.


Threads 78 Posts Wanted: A Checklist. Nov 5, Huggyu2. Aerobatics Discussions related to Aerobatics aircraft, flying, competitions, performers.

Threads 0 Posts 0. Vintage Discussions pilot chat room to Vintage aircraft. Homebuilders Discussions related to home built aircraft. Enter Controlled airspace heading degrees. Jan 13, Eagle Part 61 Threads 0 Posts 0. Part 91 Threads 0 Posts 0. Part Threads 0 Posts 0.


Part Threads 2 Pilot chat room 2. Threads 2 Posts 2. Part Threads 2K Posts Threads 2K Posts Jul 7, bafanguy. Threads Posts 2K. May 17, aufan. Flight Attendants If you are a flight attendant this forum is for you to exchange information or just chat about your world.

Threads Posts 3. Threads Posts 7. Cabin Crew Training in Chennai. May 8, Naveen raja. Taxi instructions. Jan 10, samuelddarden. Aviation Mechanics Forum setup for the mechanics on this site. Need a mechanic, have question for one Aug 9, okgabriel. Threads 17 Posts Jun 17, Neal.

Pilot chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)