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In NFL-Managed leagues, the draft order is randomized and you will discover your draft order once you log in to the Live Draft client. That's the guy I picked in the blogger mock, Jeff. Or do you think they can get a killer SAM at 24? Any idea what the Falcons will be doing, and who their targets really are? Nfl draft chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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Everyone please be respectful to one another. But if RotoBaller. Waiver Wire Pickups List. Kevin Kiermaier Expected to Return Wednesday. Jose Abreu is Resting on Sunday. Eddie Rosario is Absent on Sunday. And if they do want McCoy, there is a decent chance he'll be there in the second as well. Is there really no chance the Vikings draft a quarterback for the future? No one seems to think they will.

Do the packers really want a "Project" player? I think they have enough problems with TJ. There is definitely room for debate here. I went with Brown because at that point, I preferred the next-best tackle over the next-best cornerback.

The Packers probably think have some time to develop a project because they gave Chad Clifton starter's money this season. It all goes back to whether they like Brown as a player. We have no way of knowing nfl draft chat room for sure. But if they do, this could be a good year to take him. Did Donavan McNabb ever sign an nfl draft chat room with the Redskins? Reason I ask he still could be a viable option for the Vikings in Any chance the Free anal sex dating go after free agent Keith Bulluck now that Sims is gone?

Or will they wait until after the draft to make that move? I dont like the trade for the Lions, Ernie sims is a very good player. I don't think the Lions shared that opinion on Sims. I also don't think they're disappointed in Pettigrew. Scott Linehan loves two tight-end sets. Sheffler is a really good player who was made available because of a personality conflict with a coach that it seems a lot of players have conflicts with.

Should we take TT's words yesterday about the CB's being ready for training camp with a grain of salt?


What teams at the bottom of 1 or top of 2 will be looking to move up with Ted? He kind of covered all of his bases in that quote, however, saying that there was still a long way to go.

It's all based on medical projections that could change at any point.

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The Harris injury is the one that's really up in the air. He suffered the injury late in the year and had two procedures on it. But I bet Blackmon and Lee are ready. Do you think the Bears will trade up to grab one, or see who has the most value at the 75th pick? In the short-term, it's safety.

But in the long-term, they have to wonder how much longer Kreutz and Garcia will play. And at this point, I have no idea who is starting at left guard.

I remember when he was with the Packers, Favre made the comment that it wasn't his responsibility to help Rogers become a good QB. Do you think he'd still have that same attitude if the Vikes pick up Tebow or McCoy, or do you think he's softened a bit as the gray hair has creeped in?

I don't recall that exact quote, but I do laugh when people suggest the benefits of a potential rookie coming in to play "under Favre. It appears that the Rams are "trying" to make it seem that they are still open with their pick.

It seems the Lions at 2 probably will have a whole lot more action if Bradford is not chosen. Is this part of the reason Mayhew is saying that the Lions have not decided on their pick yet? Probably, although no one is going to believe that he might take Bradford if the Rams pass.

I think it's more along the nfl draft chat room of not ruling out the possibility that someone would move up to take Clausen or maybe Okung or Suh. Lost, lost, lost. Is there any possibility that the Lions trade for a running back like Ronnie Brown or Marshawn Lynch during or after the draft? Ha, funny. I wouldn't rule it out. But a veteran runner is not as valuable as veterans at other positions. How about drafting Best in the second round?

His tape has looked bad for a while. But remember, Scheffler is a really good pass-catching tight end. Schefter reported that the Packers are one of the teams looking to trade up into maybe the Jags spot Schefter mentions that the Pack is looking to trade up.

Not sure how much I buy that, but hypothetically, they have to either be nfl draft chat room a S or an OT with a trade-up. Which do you think is more likely? Yeah, tackle. And to follow up on the previous question, nfl draft chat room, to move from 23 to are hero and jo dating on the traditional draft value chart would take the Packers' first round pick, their second round pick and probably a second-day as well.

I've seen some mock drafts saying the Packers pick up Taylor Mays--why do so many people think they need a safety? In my opinion they are set on safety with Nick Collins and Atari. I agree. I don't get the safety talk, except for the fact that Bigby has been injury prone. Mays is a good athlete. Maybe they could use him in a couple of different positions.

As a Lions fan who absolutely despised the Pettigrew pick with Oher still on the board at I'm not buying the fact that Linnehan likes 2 TE sets as a good enough reason. I really don't think so, no. My beef was always that at tight end in the first round was a luxury the Lions couldn't afford. I think most people who saw Pettigrew play thought he has a lot of potential.

He was worthy nfl draft chat room a first-round pick. Should it have been the Lions? Not sure. But I really do think Scheffler and Pettigrew could and will play together. Why is it so disheartening that mock drafts don't even mention the thought of a Bears draft pick? Don't think so. In fact, looking at who the Bears have at the position, I think you have a pretty good chance of playing a lot this year. I keep hearing a number of teams draft boards look vastly different than the mocks posted all over the internet.

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Does the NFL still use scouting services like they used to or are all teams gathering information independently? Most mock drafts have never been anything other than fun pre-draft exercises to promote discussions. Most teams stack completely independently. No running back is gonna be worth anything running behind that line not to mention the fact they are gonna get Stafford killed if they don't upgrade!

But they have upgraded themselves at left guard with Rob Sims. That was by far their worst position last year. Sounds like it's not totally out of the question. You wonder if it could heat up if the Packers don't get a running back in the draft. Seems like a nfl draft chat room realistic possibility Minnesota trades down out of the 1st round. With that in the back of my mind, tell me why I should be excited for the first day of the draft?

I hate this new format! I'm ok with the Pack not dipping into free agency, but I would like to see them pick up a veteran backup QB in case Rodgers goes down--I just don't think Flynn can get it done. Do you think it would be smart for them to pick up Jeff Garcia or maybe even Marc Bulger? They had some low-level discussions with Jake Delhomme.

But the Packers have men seeking women uk Flynn a lot of faith the past two years. What would make that change now that he conceivably has two years of experience? Right where you are. I could be wrong, but I don't see how the Bears make a net gain by trading you for a second-round pick to draft a safety. What are the odds of Chicago trading Tommie Harris for a draft pick?

I know the guy has talent, but he has attitude issues and doesn't give it his all. If they could get a second- or third-round pick for him, I'd nfl draft chat room it. Given his contract, I don't think they will. The Lions now have about 7th round draft picks, probably closer to 4. Do you see them using these to reposition in the draft or do you think they will load up on 7th round talent in the hopes of finding a sleeper?

I think it's a jillion. Anyway, my guess is they'll use most of them -- even if it means getting some players they would have to compete to sign as undrafted free agents.

That could be the "improving special teams" portion of the draft. Not a bad way to do it. The best undrafted free agents get more money than 7th-round picks.

West Coast offense. Short routes. What do you think about Colt McCoy in purple? It could work. But Childress wants strong arms to keep open the possibility of the deep ball even if nfl draft chat room doesn't want many thrown. Not sure if McCoy fits there. I know it was posed earlier and shot down by the NFC East Blogger, but do you at all see it a possibility the Skins offering the Lions Haynesworth and the number 4 pick for the Lions number Hard to imagine that. Not so far, no. I've assumed the Vikings will use the same arrangement to replace you if needed: Jasper Brinkley and Ben Leber in the nickel.

Realize this isn't an NFCN question, but I've heard nothing to believe they are looking to trade him. But I know I would be giving it serious consideration. The Steelers should thank him for the two Super Bowls and move on before he self-destructs. Plus, they could write off a lot of the contract acceleration in a non-capped year.

Yeah, I've seen that mentioned a few places. I would think that makes the deal less attractive to Washington. It sure sounds like your injury was pretty serious. You have always been in phenomenal shape, so if anyone can make it back, it's you. It's getting there. Although if Nfl draft chat room had to say right now, I wouldn't change last year's order of finish for a prediction, assuming Favre plays.

Thanks Kevin. If the Bears don't address Safety strongly in the draft, have they considered going after Darren Sharper? He mentioned he would be fine with returned to a Cover 2 Scheme. If Kindle and K. Wilson still on board at 23, who do you think is more likely for the Packers if they don't go o-line? Lots of ifs there, nfl draft chat room.

I'll add another one: If nfl draft chat room top four tackles are gone, and Kindle is there, I go with Kindle. Kevin, in your honest opinion, doesn't it look like the Bears are poised to finish last in the division at this point?

I mean, the lack of any draft picks in the first two rounds is just another indication that my Bears are getting worse, not better. The defense has to be better with Peppers.


The offense will catch at least some people by surprise or at least flat-footed. I'll reassess after the draft, but that's where I am right now. It got a lot better for you in the second half of the season. Finley helps you there, as does a quicker release. You've got the obvious history there. But teams usually look to go in a different stylistic direction. Would the Bears replace a quiet, defensive-oriented head coach who favors the Tampa-2 with a quiet, defensive-oriented head coach who favors the Tampa 2?

Kevin, TT and I agree that we like your style. Please provide us your in-depth player report through seven rounds and unsigned free agency by tomorrow morning. We are asking you!! Given the new draft configuration I believe, after much debate, that nachos are a better choice as draft free online chat rooms. With the short draft night, there is less of a chance for the nachos to get cold, what do you think?

Kevin, you are a great good man. Who do you see the Pack selecting with their 7th rounder? Please answer with a complete list of players you expect to remain available, alphabetized preferrably. Thanks James. I believe they will take a player who has both a first and last name.

He'll have played college football, probably in America, and will be a guy the Packers couldn't believe was still available. That should narrow it down enough. That's the big question when it comes to drafting defensive tackles that high. I believe Suh is. A little more projection is involved. Are there any real potential takers on the Lions first round draft pick that would allow the Lions to trade down and gather picks?

One thing that annoys me is when the draft analysts heap praise on a GM for his selections Nfl draft chat room shows it is one giant crapshoot. But we also shouldn't always blame GMs when a pick doesn't work out. The stats show that only a minority percentage of the players taken will amount to big-time players. That's the nature of it.

That will take the pressure off everyone else. As a psychology researcher and professor, I have long been advocating for behavioral measures and statistical modeling of athletic performance to become more commonplace. Measuring variables such as motivation, drive, judgment, etc. Nfl draft chat room know the Wonderlic is commonplace today, and background checks are much more thorough, but when do you think other psychological variables will be taken more seriously in talent evaluation for the NFL draft?

I personally think there is a future for such assessments. Unfortunately, it probably won't happen until psychologists -- and not football people -- are running the draft. Where's the love? I think I'm pretty awesome. Alot of people think the Packers are weak at safety--I beg to differ. Also--don't you think I have the best name in professional sports? You do. It's just that as a restricted free agent, your time period to sign elsewhere has passed.

You're now bound to the Packers for Okung or Trent Williams would be great. Shanahan's offenses satrt with dominant o-line play and these left tackles would be gret starts. Why didn't the Chiefs jump on the chance to get a player like Sims or Ginn for just a 5th round pick? Couldn't they have used one of those guys and they have three 5th rounders.

Do you think they are holding onto them for a draft day package? Not that I have heard. Fairly high. I think the Broncos will wheel and deal. They could also move up to get Pouncey. They could really use him. What do you think the chances are of this? I like McClain. I think he will be a difference make. If he's on the board.

Denver will seriously considr him if it keeps No. So I saw that we got Scheftler and a 7th but you said it was a three team trade. What did Denver get from Philly? How much impact do you think Pat Bowlen has had on the trades coming out of Denver? Is there a time when nfl draft chat room think he needs to step in?

He sits back and trusts his staff. He has veto power, of course, but he stays out of that stuff for the most part. Hey Bill, is this Tebow visit to Denver just a smoke screen to pressure the Jags into picking him 10, nfl draft chat room, or is there serious talk about McD actually picking nfl draft chat room 11?

I'm expecting anything and everything from A, nfl draft chat room. He could do anything this week. He has the drft power and he's going to use it.

Being a chief fan these recent years have been very painful but flirt lash bar in long beach a new quarterback and head coach, I see the frachise changing slowly but surely.

I think the chiefs should take Berry in the draft because he will probably the bigger "star" in the league. Who do you think the chiefs should take in the draft Berry or Okung? Tough call, man, tough. The Marshall trade leaves Denver with a big hole at receiver. Bryant is riskier than McClain, but he's needed more. Bill, many draftniks are projecting Bulaga as the Chiefs pick at 5 but Pioli has yet to draft any of Kirk Ferentz's boys.

Give me their pick, insider! Bill,Love the blog from here in Thailand. I was wondering why you don't think the Broncos would trade down to grab a guard like Iupati or a center like Pouncey? Does any of that make sense? Or do I need to get better at my English? Wow, welcome. I think you may be onto soemthing.

I do think Dnever could trade down. Both those offensive linemen would fit Denver. That is the time to do it. I think San Diego would be interested considering it has a lot of draft options. Hey Bill I love him, think he will be a stud for a long time, but would Pioli take him? What have you heard? Hi Bill, I've read most questions from today's marathon chat, and a ton of them revolve around "when my team trades down Considering the depth of this draft, do you see teams breaking from the value chart and getting less for moving back, or perhaps a lot of picks getting flipped?

This is a deep draft, so i don't think teams are going to accept less. It will be a seller's market. I know it's a stretch if logically assessedBut do you think there's someone crazy enough to go and pick Tebow in the 1st round?

I think they need to go with the best tackle available. Bulaga or Williams. They will be tempted by McClain and Joe Haden. I think it is a positon the Chiefs will look to address early. That could go a long way in improving the defense. Good question. I think the Chargers really like Mathews.

I think he'd probably be the choice there. I mentioend that last week. If the Broncos don't get Bryant. Owens could be a possibility after the draft. The Broncos need a big receiver. He is declining, but he'd help in the short term. Who do you see the Broncos grabbing with their two second round picks, or is a trade more likely to move into the late 1st? Is Matt Cassel the Cheifs long term nfl draft chat room Could we see the Cheifs go after Colt McCoy with their 2nd round pick?

I hope the Okung is on the board for the Chiefs, if not I think the Chiefs should trade down for more draft picks, What do you think. GO Chiefs. I've heard Oakland loves Spiller. But wow, that would be a crazy move I think he could.

San Diego and Denver really like him. He is someone to keep an eye on this weekend. He's rising up boards across the league. Grene Bay and New England also like him. Bill, please tell me the addition of Kyle Boller by the Raiders makes taking Clausen 8th overall impossible Sorry, don't think they are related. Which running back do you see the chargers picking up in the draft, I look at plenty of mock draft and it look like they are going to be looking for one in the second round.

I would have thougth so. I was thinking a fourth rounder. But to send Scheffler and seventh for a fifth is just dumping the guy. Hey Bill. I think Al Davis is itchin' to make a big move, so do you think the Raiders try to trade up to 1 or 2 to get Suh?

What impact player nfl draft chat room you suggest that Oakland Raiders take in the first round to make their team better. I would say not great. He's a bit down on the Browns' list. Unless it's Sam Bradford, I really see Cleveland going defense in the first round, especially if the team stays at No. I don't like the "percentage" question, Yianni, because there's no way to accurately nail that.

I wouldn't be surprised either way. Nfl draft chat room right now I would say there's a better chance that Gaither stays than he goes. Say on the Bengals draft board, there is somebody higher up then Gresham, not named Dez Bryant, who would it be? Or do you think they are going to draft for need with there first pick? Cincinnati really likes S Earl Thomas. If, for some reason, he falls to No.

But I don't think that's realistic. J-Walk - im hearing the browns will trade down from 7 if the guy they want Berry is not there - what is the likely team to move up to our spot so we can get E. Thomas in the middle of the round? The Browns have talked to every team ahead and some teams behind them, Iain. So they are looking to move out of No. The best chance for Cleveland to move down would be if someone gets hot on Jimmy Clausen. QBs always have a way of making teams react to make a move.

Cleveland did it last year when the Jets wanted Mark Sanchez. Solid player. But I think he's too solid for the Ravens to have a chance at No. Williams is a player that could be in play for Miami or Pittsburgh in the middle of the round. Nfl draft chat room don't see him going that far to Baltimore. Jared Odrick would be a more realistic DL option for the Ravens.

He would be a good fit also. In fact, there are probably a half dozen DL in this draft that I think could turn out to be studs. Very deep class this year at that position. I think Tate could be gone by the time the Steelers come up in the second round. He's a good prospect and I think a great value early or mid second round. It's questionable if someone will nfl draft chat room hot on him late in the first.

How come people are no longer marking the Browns to get Joe Haden? I know they got Sheldon Brown, but he is aging, and his play has been declining. Why not groom Haden? The Browns have so many immediate needs that CB is no longer one of them after the Sheldon Brown trade. But the same can't be said at a lot of positions like safety, right guard, and receiver.

The Browns are not even thinking about Jake Locker right now. That's next year's class. Cleveland really likes Colt McCoy. Bradford how to find mans g spot the best QB in this draft, meeting someone new them the Browns feel they can work with McCoy's skills and mold him into the offense, nfl draft chat room.

Not sure Cleveland can get him though at No. Wash gets their NT while Haynesworth gets to play end. Cleve needs all the impact players they can get. The Steelers, in my opinion, do not seem all that urgent. That surprises me a little. But they have confidence in Dennis Dixon and like Charlie Batch's veteran presence. So I'm not sure Pittsburgh really goes all-out to land a top prospect at QB.

If the Steelers take one in the second, third or fourth round, then they may have to cut Batch or Dixon. Four QBs aren't making the team. Nfl draft chat room you think Colt McCoy will be around nfl draft chat room the Browns pick in the 2nd round?

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Holmgren seems to like him. The breaks in between the first and second round could really hurt Cleveland. Teams will have overnight to really study the second round, and if Colt McCoy is still there, I anticipate the Rams getting a lot of calls with the first pick in the second round. The Browns may be one of those teams, but they may not be. I think Earl Thomas is the best fit for the Browns. He would fill an immediate need. Cleveland does not have an immediate need at CB right now.

Would they make trades within the division? I wouldn't do it. Bad karma. I would say the chances are decent as long as Joe Haden falls into the teens. If he gets into that No. The Steelers don't need all their picks anyway. They don't have a lot of holes this year. Do you see chat room brian hooks full movie Browns trying to move up to say and pick McCoy?

The Browns are really nfl draft chat room by McCoy and they may have to. But other teams like Buffalo, for example, could be looking to move up for McCoy in the second round also. I'm hearing the Bills are showing interest in McCoy, as well. Hands off Jake Locker - he's staying here in Seattle if we have to give up every one of our picks for him next year. I don't even bother looking more than a year ahead with football. It's just too unpredictable.

Last year everyone thought Nfl draft chat room Jevan Snead was going to be a top 5 pick in this year's draft, and look what happened. A first-round pick is out of the question. A second rounder is nfl draft chat room, but not promised. I have doubts a trade will be made with Gaither. They are truly in a good spot to take the best available player.

James, if the Browns want McCoy - might they need to leapfrog the Vikings? If so, are we looking at another Jets-Browns trade? Join an NFL. You can join as many mock drafts as you would like until you feel ready to draft your team. Test the Draft Client by clicking here. Michael Fabiano and the NFL. Nfl draft chat room the NFL. For the ultimate experience please enable Javascript in your browser. How to Draft. Other than a Live Online Draft, are there additional draft options?

How do I know my league's draft date and time? How do I know my league's draft order? What happens if I can't make my live draft? How can I practice a live draft?

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