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Welcome to the Quilting Board! What I usually do before machine sewing is stick a straight pin through the points at which the sewing lines penciled or imaginary align, especially at the end points of the triangles. Go there and friend me. Quilting chat rooms [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Hope to see you post in the future. Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are quilting chat rooms we might as well dance. I'm new to it too only been there once. Glad you've joined us!

Glad you joined us. My newest Grandson, Caleb Austin, was born May 29th. I am now Grandma to 4 precious babies. I am so blessed!!!! Remember Me?


By signing into your account, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policyand to the use of cookies as described therein. Welcome to the Quilting Board! Already a member? Login above. Results 1 to 19 of Looking for a foot for my This section is for pictures of quilts, patterns, sewing rooms or anything else related to quilting.

Bias Blunder. Members' photos of their quilting spaces. Share your ideas or ask advice about making the most of your space, work surfaces, and storage units. Quilting Workspace. Lessons quilting chat rooms and posted or uploaded by our members. Valentine Candy Block. For instructions, discussions and pictures of the Blocks of the Month with archives and quilting chat rooms additions to sampler quilts.

The fws pony club update July - Oct Wall Hanging For those who enjoy machine embroidery, particularly as it relates to quilt making. New Here.


This section is for topics about offline events, meetups, get-togethers, and other announcements used for coordinating activities tied to specific locations. Kaye Wood passed on. Got a link to a quilting resource others might find interesting? Post it here. I hope that helps. I inherited several sunbonnet sue blocks. They were probably made in the 20's as he died when my mother was 6, and I am now Quilting chat rooms were in the first quilt I ever made and I hand-quilted it.

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I don't know about the value, but I think she would be thrilled to know someone put her blocks to use and kept it true to her era. I was wondering if anyone had an opinion of the difference between the accu-cut quilt cutting machine and the sissix quilt cutting machine Which do you think is a better machine and most accurate. Thanks, Betsey.

I was quilting chat rooms if anyone has an opinion of the difference between the accu-cut quilt cutting machine and the sissex quilt cutting machine Which do you think is more accurate and easier to use.

quilting chat rooms

Thanks for your help. Betsey, my friend, Laura, who works in a fabric store told me that her store sells the Accu-Quilt. Everyone who's bought it seems very impressed with it. Never heard of the other brand.

Thanks for writing. Deb, I love your story. It reminds me of the quilting bees my mother used to have when I was a child. We used quilting chat rooms play under the quilt, which hung from the ceiling of our farmhouse. The trick was to have all the tiny squares laid out meet japanese guys piecing.

Then beginning at one corner, the pieces were sewn together and, going diagonally, quilting chat rooms threads NOT cut. The half-finished product consisted of all the squares hanging together by threads. Then, the dangling pieces were sewn together from the opposite diagonal direction.

My question is: Does anyone have these explicit instructions? I'm not sure I could duplicate this feat now without them.

Thanks in advance! Anka, go to this link and see if it helps. Thanks, Mary Lou! The top is almost completed Can I send you a photo? Let me know how And thanks again for your help. Suggestions please. Anka, I'd love photos of your quilts. Send them to me as jpgs at Mary C at Yahoo dot com, and I will post them on the blog. Just fix that email address the regular way.

Innova Quilting Tutorial: What To Do When Your Thread Breaks

I am quilting chat rooms trouble with my tension on my long arm quilting machine. I am having problems joining a quarter square triangle to a half square triangle. Is there a secret to having them come out even? I am having trouble joining half square triangles and quarter square triangles. Is there a secret to this procedure?

I need help! If so, join the two quarter square triangles first, then press or finger-press the seam allowance aside and join the now-half square triangle to the half square triangle.

Quilting chat rooms [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)