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She comes off as jealous and childish. Email Address. You were sitting on your bed with your arms crossed and a sour look on your face. Dc comics batman chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt) Statue Chat: Controversial Batman DAMNED DC Comics Black Label Comic Book!

Nick Fury found you when you were sat outside of the hospital wearing tattered clothes. He felt sympathy when you told him about how you didn't have a home and that you're parents abandoned you that you didn't remember who were your parents.


Then he decided to take you in and that was when you met the Avengers. They volunteered to help raise you into a edu. I thought that you were really handsome at first. But please, let's still remain as friends. Levi Ackerman x Reader It was quiet. Too quiet. Corporal Levi glared into nothingness as he contemplated on the sudden serenity of the Barracks. Usually, he'd hear shouts from the usual suspects you, Eren and Jean or some form of commotion; generally caused by the graduated th Trainees Squad in the Survey Corps.

Even Hanji's occasional shrieks or random bursts into his office were something he had grown accustomed to. But that day there was nothing. It irritated him. He was used to being the peace-enforcement in the Survey Corps, and if there was already peace He frowned and rose from his seat, intent on finding out the cause of the sudden and eerie silence among the soldiers. Walking in the corridor was no different than sitting in his office.

The dead silence was still present. He stalked even more quietly than usual, expecting something to jump out at him at any moment. He wondered if he had missed any reminders about that particul. Finland's Little Girl Nordics x Dc comics batman chat room Reader Finland's Little Girl "Su-san! As he did, he was watched by three pairs of eyes.

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I wonder what Finland's yelling about now? Norway shrugged and glared at Denmark. Norway tugged on Denmark's tie. Denmark only shrugged. Just chill will you? Don't get your panties in a twi--" He was cut off by Norway strangling him with his tie. Iceland sighed before standing up and exiting the living room.


He tries to enlist her help against the serial killer, but she is more interested in finding out about his romances with Zatanna and Jezebel Jet who has been appearing in the pages of Batman.

She dramatically takes off, and Batman knows she wants him to follow meet single. But tonight he has other concerns.

Dc comics batman chat room the scene is followed by a really wonderful one, as Batman goes on the net and discusses the case with others. Although the various people talking have no idea who the others are, we see that the conversation includes Bruce, the Riddler, Oracle and Detective Chimp. The solution is actually quite sad. It was all a trap for the Riddler, laid by the widower of one of his victims.

The first victim had been his psychiatrist, who could have informed the police. The rest were random, with clues designed to draw the Riddler to where he could be killed. Batman intervenes, but has more sympathy for the killer than for the Riddler.

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Dc comics batman chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)