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Was this page helpful? As for meditation, there are tons of web sites that provide Do-It-Yourself meditation guidance. What I do to get through a day better is to do acupressure for CFS. So I've had chronic fatigue syndrome for about 13 months now and honestly I can't remember what it's like to feel energised and not tired ugh so over it.. But I kept at it, holding the belief that at least I was feeding my body with nutrients. Chronic fatigue syndrome chat rooms [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

You can find myriad support groups online and, depending on where you live, you may be able to find them in your community as well. Online groups have some wonderful features:.

However, they also have some drawbacks. Just about any online forum can attract trolls who are just there to be obnoxious. The anonymity of being online can also bring out the worst in some people. Look for chat rooms or pages with active moderators who keep that kind of thing to a minimum. Before you jump into an online group and start sharing personal information, browse through chronic fatigue syndrome chat rooms threads to see if the tone is generally positive or negative.

Pay attention to whether there are a lot of spammy posts and whether chronic fatigue syndrome chat rooms an administrator who can deal with problems. Social media pages and groups can be great, as well, especially when it comes to closed or secret groups. Those are harder to find, though. Keep in mind that anything you post online may come back to haunt you.

You might want to consider a second screen name to protect your privacy in case you're Googled by a current or prospective employer, as part of a legal case, or if you're applying for disability. To find a group in your areathere's always Google. You can also ask your personal dating free, check with local hospitals, and check with your health insurance company to find out about local resources and programs.

If you can't find a local group, you might consider starting one. Sadly, because they're usually run by someone with these illnesses, support groups for us tend to disappear almost as soon as they get started. What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Beyond the Data – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Advancing Research and Clinical Education

Since scientists didn't know the cause of this illness, it was named after its most noticeable symptom—chronic fatigue. What we know is that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a neurological disorder that causes interactions between the immune, central nervous chronic fatigue syndrome chat rooms endocrine systems. What Causes CFS? Unfortunately, there is no one identifiable cause. Researchers believe that there are a number of triggers that result in the condition.

What are the Symptoms? For many CFS begins after a bad cold, flu, bronchitis, hepatitis, or intestinal bug. In some cases, there is no preceding illness, but CFS symptoms develop gradually. They may come and go, varying in intensity and frequency.

The international criteria set for a case definition of CFS include: a debilitating fatigue lasting for at least six months, and the presence of four or more of the following symptoms: Headaches Tender lymph nodes Fatigue and weakness Muscle and joint aches Trouble concentrating Impaired memory Sleep difficulties—trouble sleeping or sleep that is not refreshing What are the Chronic fatigue syndrome chat rooms Effects?

There are many potential long-term effects, including: Cognitive problems such as difficulty concentrating, finding words, retaining information, and calculating numbers.

Vision problems such as blurring, light sensitivity and eye pain. Physical changes such as trouble breathing; dizziness and balance problems; irregular heartbeat, chest pains; digestive and bowel problems; ringing in the ears tinnitus ; sensitivity to odours, chemicals and medications; weight changes; fainting; muscle twitching; and seizures. Psychological problems such as depression, irritability, anxiety, panic attacks, personality changes, mood swings.

How is CFS Diagnosed? CFS is difficult to diagnose since many of its symptoms mimic omar single diseases.

There is no simple diagnostic test. Diagnosis involves identifying a pattern of symptoms and ruling out diseases with similar symptoms, such as multiple sclerosis and lupus. It is therefore a time-consuming, difficult and frustrating process. Had it for years. Mine is severe it keeps me at home. I use acupressure everey day to help me get through the day. There are 8 pressure points you can gently rub for about 60 seconds each and do that a few times a day.

I do it 2 hours before I get out of bed,when I get out of bed and again around 11am. Usually I can do most light chores around the home including chronic fatigue syndrome chat rooms meals. You can look up pressure points or acupressure. I just got to herbalshop. Look up any symptom and clock on those. Look at the diagrams. You'll notice you'll feel better afterwards.

Use it everyday. I have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue, but by a psychiatrist, does that count? The pain specialist said Fibro and disc issues in my back.


The advice to me has been "rest" I have been trying to "rest" for over 3 years. Turns out I "rest" best, when being active and giving my body a break from the horrid treatments they enforced. I am pure shocked at how much more energy I now chronic fatigue syndrome chat rooms almost a year off neuroleptic medication. I sleep around hours now, but before it was easy to sleep for 20 and I would still be sluggish to the point of leaving stoves on, waters running, washing in machine for days.

It was so so so hard to have the fatigue and then a tranquilliser added! I was too sick to see their treatment did not make sense. I do suffer in windows and waves of fatigue. If I do too much one day, I will be wiped out incapacitated unable to shower, cook or clean for weeks.

Support Groups for Fibromyalgia and ME/CFS

If I am careful and manage the energy I can survive ok with doing basic life household chores. I miss having more to do than living in 4 walls of a house and meeting basic life needs. Yet most nights passing out in a heap by 7pm because I just cant stay awake. I would love to have the money for a diet overhaul. My problem is, shopping and then preparing fresh food involves planning for it to be cost efficient. Planning by someone who knows their capabilities and can manage to put a diet plan together - I am not that someone.

I regularly would go out chronic fatigue syndrome chat rooms buy fresh market food as doctors directed but was then wiped out for the week and the food would go off before I even had the energy faire un speed dating look at it living with another does not help matters much. Now I will buy food I know I can microwave for a quick snack vegfruit gives me headaches at times?

Its good that other cfs sufferers have a place in Australia to support each other. Having a mental health issue and cfs we need support. Hi, found your post very useful and enjoyed reading through it. I had to take time off work as the symptoms are so unpredictable.


I have started eating better, green etc. I am keen to get my diet evaluated including any intolerances and at least try and see if eating better can be of some help. I just want to try out everything Hello I am wondering how did you get diagnosed with CFS? I've been seeing several doctors and some of them don't seem to believe in CFS. I understand that there's some overlap between symptoms of CFS and depression, but for me it started with physical problems, now I'm in a kind of spiral with anxiety and depression cause I'm so fatiuged and can't get out.

This week has been really bad, barely able to walk at all. My recommendation is to look up 'integrative medicine' or the College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine to find a GP that focuses on holistic approaches, including dietary issues, to recovery. I did that and luckily found 2 fantastic GPs!

And even better news, my recovery has been very good, according to the 2nd GP i. August I could barely hold a mobile phone for 30 seconds free gay app india now I'm able to swim 10 laps of an Olympic pool.

However, I still have brain fog, post-exertion malaise. For me, a real key is addressing stress management - restorative yoga chronic fatigue syndrome chat rooms meditation have been absolutely fabulous. I also recommend Googling 'adrenal fatigue yoga', 'seratonin to better understand possible dynamics. Please remember that everyone is different, symptoms and underlying factors can vary. Perhaps you could also try contacting a state-based support group? Again, I highly recommend the resources on Emerge Australia's web site.

Also, along my internet search, I found the Irish Chronic fatigue syndrome chat rooms Trust myalgic encephalomyelitis via one of the state-based support groups.

Stanford's Dr. Jose Montoya on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The book contained a whole chapter about nutrition. As for the veggies question, I fully understand how buying and preparing fresh veggies can be really overwhelming. Perhaps you could at least try using frozen veggies if you're unable to do fresh ones?

I recognise that everyone's bodies react differently - it took me a while to listen to my body, but I am learning. And the results are paying off. I hope this info helps. Good on you for improving your diet, eating more veggies, etc; - from everything I've read, what one eats is really key.

I also see that you like me are a workaholic. Very easy to become one in this frantic, 'do more with less', stressed out world. I have really been looking at my own workaholic tendencies and recognise that it has been a HUGE contributing factor to my current CFS illness.

And my GP had provided me with an article about the enormous biophysical impacts of stress on our bodies. Out of curiousity, I also Googled 'parasympathetic nervous system' and learned even more about how stress destroys our bodies.

On a positive note, as I've mentioned in my other posts, chronic fatigue syndrome chat rooms, my GPs' recommendations to focus on de-stressing e. When I was house-bound and extremely bored! Please note, that I did see in one online write-up that one should first check with one's GP or find a qualified yoga instructor e.

As for meditation, there are tons of web sites that provide Do-It-Yourself meditation chronic fatigue syndrome chat rooms. I also totally relate to your feelings of being overwhelmed. I also used online grocery shopping I'm not sure if you live in a place where that's available? Yes, it was extremely exhausting cooking. But I kept at it, holding the belief that at least I was feeding my body with nutrients.

Free online dating apk as excruciatingly hard as it was, I tried to look at the cooking as my own 'home entertainment' - something to keep my mind distracted.

Do what you can, even if it's tiny, tiny steps. And may you find comfort in knowing that you're in the company of approx. You're not chronic fatigue syndrome chat rooms and many of us, including me, really empathise with your daily struggles.

I thought I was the only one with cfs here. I'm glad I'm not alone here. Feel free to compare notes.


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Chronic fatigue syndrome chat rooms [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)