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These are already 20 thousand tickets, not including the green room. Vote Up 5 Vote Down. Vote Up -9 Vote Down. There is no LAW regarding the design of a venue. Eurovision chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Robyn Gallagher contributed this report from New Zealand. You can follow Robyn on Twitter robynesc. Keep up with the latest Eurovision news and gossip by liking our Facebook page and by following the team on Twitter wiwibloggs. Where do you think cyprus would host? Google their arena situation. Not speaking about other small states. Shame on you EBU! How dare you making new rules for Eurovision?

Who do you think you are? The EBU? Well, artists are there to perform and the audience are there to watch. Artists, important as they are, are only a part of the story. There is no LAW regarding the design of a venue. Otherwise, we would still be arguing where to put the orchestra.

Just respect that and enjoy the show, even if its not gonna be from the loud and noisy arena. I wonder if this will be a pioneer year of developing a full green room program to cover the three and a half hour grand final.

Programming from BUT featuring all the artists present. Could eurovision chat room a pretty fun way eurovision chat room experience the contest, especially for hardcore fans.


It sounds like the green room audience would watch the feed of the show, and occasionally the show will cut to the green room for chats with the artists and reaction shots when the results come in. Robyn, is it any different from being in the press eurovision chat room during the show? Will you be eurovision chat room to israel? The main difference is that the press room is a workroom not a performance space. My feeling is that the green room involve the artists and their team on sitting on their couches, with the audience nearby on tiered seating.

It will look as slick and glam as Pavilion 2 — not like the barebones press centre! Although I expect Israel of all countries to be aware of the importance of security. Do you honestly think it could happen in israel of all places?

They are trying to put the best show with what they have. It may be a smaller arena with a smaller audience but the show that they will put together will be huge and world class, so keep that in mind with all the criticism.


The plus here is that fans will be able to interact with the artists in the green room, and that once the voting begins, this pavilion will actually host all the drama.

Moreover, it is up to organisation and planning to make the most out of the facilities Tel Aviv has to offer. I understand this is the best solution they can come up after the fiasco of the 4k seats but honestly who would pay a big amount i assume of money to watch the content from tv screens? Cmon, this is Israel, it should be hosted in a decent-size arena. Israel has open air arenas which are fine for the climate.

We all know how the Olympic venues ended up in Greece. Some fans would like to take part in the event, but not eurovision chat room by standing up for 4 hours straight. This is a nice solution for those who are interested. There is life after the show, you know. Also — These are not 4k tickets. These are already 20 thousand tickets, not eurovision chat room the green room. chat is back!

People should just get a grip. It was a farce. The screens were visible for those seated — I assume they turned off the ones closer to the stage to avoid having them appear in the wider shots. Really great idea. I love the concept omar single ladies an adjacent party room. To be fair even in Portugal, while the green room was where the main show was taking place — you could barely see the stage from where the artists were sitting, so they watched it on screens anyways.

I think people have to keep in mind that the Tel Aviv-Jaffa municipality is insanely committed to Eurovision They are planning a whole month of events around the competition, culminating with the Gay Pride Parade. The capacities of the stadiums of the recent years are k. This is not enough to meet the demand anyway. Well, Copenhagen had around 10, and the arena looking huge whilst Vienna supposedly had at least 2, more seats but look way smaller. Malmo also looked quite big despite being on the smaller side of venues in recent years.

Maybe try to check some facts before you eurovision chat room stuff? The height of the LED in was 13m, the height of eurovision chat room whole set was around 16m. Eurovision Sites Eurovisionlive escXtra.

EL CHAT - GALA 4 - 20 NOVIEMBRE – OT 2017 (#OTChat)

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Eurovision chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)