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They are also able to skip the queue, so they will always connect faster to speak with the doctor on call. I will definitely want to consult him again in the future. Family practice Brief Bio. Dr chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Thank you so much to Dr. Deepu Sebin Sebastian for taking the time to listen to my symptoms and provide amazing feedback.


I know I will use this site again for future questions about my conditions. Very on the ball. Dr Perigela provided me with dr chat room meet rich miami the same information as a private physician who saw me this eve.

Gave me antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and painkillers. He said they were my lymph nodes but couldn't find a source of inflammation after careful examination. Thoroughly recommend Dr Perigela and the service for peace of mind and rapid response!

It gives me peace of mind to know that I can send a message to a real doctor and get answers without having to take my child to the doctor to wait in a germ-filled waiting room for minor conditions. Sebastion for your help with dr chat room question. It sets my mind at ease to know that you do not think these bites are necessarily related to a bug in my home. We haven't solved the problem by achieving a diagnosis due to the complex nature of the case but I am extremely thankful to Dr Saptharishi for the professional guidance he provided me on my way to continue seeking answers with local physicians.

I highly appreciate the objective replies by Dr.

FREE Doctors Chat Rooms Without Registration.

Mahajan to my specific questions and would surely consult him again in the future. I could upload only one report and not more than one during the follow-up session. Thank you Doctor. Thankyou very much for your help Indeed it was very helpful and trustworthy The service was extremely reasonable and quick! I had alot of problem signing into my account though I had to sign in through by clicking the link on my email instead of opening the page and logging in from there but Brilliant service!

Thankyou so much. The response was prompt. Due to the fact that I needed quicker assistance, I decided to close the consult.

Dr chat room doctor's response was quick and since he requested tests to further dr chat room on my health status, I consider that a good sign. He made sure I got numerous tests for ruling out.

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I appreciate the doctor's help very much! Very pleased with the experience. Rajiv Goel has been very patient with all my queries and he responded very promptly giving me all possible information. He really tried his best to give me all insight of the situation and whats the best way forward.

It was great to have him as consultant. Thanks a lot Dr. Regards Aditya. Pathak, as well as DoctorSpring was very helpful in providing sensible information about given situation health situations. We also provide a VIP service where our monthly subscribers are able to skip the queue, send pictures and videos for further analysis, and get medication reminders so you never miss a dose.

Our text online doctor consultations are free to access during the first 7-days of the trial. We are a proudly Canadian company with world-class doctors.

Our doctors work diligently around the clock to provide free medical consultations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are here for you whenever you need us. When you download our free app, you will always have a well educated, general physician ready to assist, dr chat room.

All of our doctors are well educated and screened to ensure they are well versed in the general physician field. Find friends iphone android physicians respond to our patients on a rotating basis to ensure hour coverage. With this continuous coverage, we cannot guarantee that you will be dr chat room to speak to a specific doctor at any given time.

In some cases, the doctor on call may transfer you to a specific physician if they determine another physician could provide better insights for your particular medical concern. Our service does allow for our patients to access their chat history. This can dr chat room helpful for remembering specific advice, which doctor you spoke to, and any important points from your past doctor-patient consultations. Our service also allows patients to skip the queue, attach pictures or videos for the doctors to review and medication reminders.

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Don't spam. Travis Alexandra dr chat room VIC. Thank you so much - very helpful. Rebecca Amaroo - ACT. Thank you kindly for your care and patience. Very knowledgeable and extremely helpful.


Thank you so very much! Christina Cleveland - QLD. Very nice.


Very helpful and informative. Absolute legend. Community of Doctors Australian registered, fully qualified, insured and experienced Doctors right at your fingertips ready for an instant dr chat room consult. Our customer support team is also ready to help if you dr chat room problem connecting Live Chat. The Doctor who is computer chat room available on our platform will attend to and answer your query.

There is no option to select the attending Doctor on the Live Chat feature, but you can be rest assured that all of our Doctors are duly registered and qualified under the Malaysian laws. We aim to connect you with a healthcare provider as soon as possible on our Live Chat feature. As a general rule, you can expect to receive a reply within 5 minutes from the posting of your query. From there, you can then choose to be redirected to our Live Chat feature, where you can consult one of our experienced Doctors to talk you through your results.

We will not charge you for this.

Dr chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)