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Financial Assistance for Dementia Care. Caregiver Stress. For me, taking time to write out reasons to stay sober every single night I can't sleep or am awakened by my fiancee with a care issue works; I keep them in a box that reads "Today I Choose Happiness" which I bought at the hospital one of the times she was in ICU. She has stage 4 cancer and is constantly in the bathroom flushing and changing. I found someone who has a similar situation to mine. Dementia chat rooms [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt) Caregiver Training: Agitation and Anxiety - UCLA Alzheimer's and Dementia Care Program

Cathy asked if Alzheimers and Dementia are the same thing. My answer is this. My research has resulted in the following description. It can be Alzheimer's, it can be Picks, Lupus or several other brain degenerating diseases. Without specific testing it is hard to know what the cause is.

My wife has Dementia.


One doctor referred to it as "Early Onset Alzheimer's" another doctor referred to it as "Picks". Both of these can effect a person at an early age. My wife was 48 when the symptoms first started. None of the doctors locally nor at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Az have performed any testing to conclude without question what has caused dementia chat rooms Dementia. They all agree it is Dementia with unknown origin and they all have their theories but no specific answer. Hence, I will always wonder what is causing her brain to die and what, if anything, in the past may have led to this situation.

After about 9 years she is totally bedridden and cannot do anything for herself and there are no sounds unless she is uncomfortable or there are loud noises, then she will scream out.

At this point she is just existing. Sorry for butting in. Hi Billy G. I'm so sorry that your wife developed this awful disease at such a young age. I appreciate your time and welcome dementia chat rooms information and help.

It sounds like you have a lot of first hand experience with this, unfortunately. What I'm trying to figure out if it's possible, dementia chat rooms how rapidly my mom's mental state will deteriorate. Not sure if the decline goes in spurts, or will accelerate again at some point. Would the underlying cause of the dementia determine the rate of progression of the disease?

I feel like what I could really use is a crystal ball. I'm trying to figure how to best plan for her care, and also to understand where she's at mentally. I can't tell if she's in or out of it a lot of the time. On the phone she seems fine, but in person her mental decline is startingly obvious. Thank you again dementia chat rooms your time and information.


This is such a horrible disease to try to cope with for both the person afflicted and caregiver. I went to this site and registered. Then I clicked on Live Chat. I got some sort of error message, so I will try again.

Although you love your family member dearly, and know that you will do all you can dementia chat rooms make. HealthfulChat is offering you an Alzheimer's Disease Peer Support Chat Roomalzheimer's disease peer support forums and the alzheimer's disease peer support social network to get to know others worldwide who are in a similar position as you.

Please use what is offered here at HealthfulChat to recharge yourself to dementia chat rooms another day, to get to know people, and to finally have an understanding ear to listen. The services provided by HealthfulChat are designed to support, not replace any professional medical help you may currently be receiving.

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Fitness and Wellness Chat Room. Pregnancy Chat Room. Additional Items Why Donate? Other group members will often offer suggestions or solutions and share similar stories. It can be very comforting to learn that you are not alone in your experience.


Some caregivers may prefer to listen rather than share their story, which is also fine. Guest speakers may occasionally speak to a group, such as an ombudsman who will discuss legal issues or a nurse who will explain new medications for dementia.

The Dementia Care Central Virtual Caregiver Community includes a Message Board that allows caregivers to discuss their problems and concerns and receive feedback from their peers. This support group is restricted to only those who have Lewy Body Dementia. This forum provides a place for caregivers of people with Lewy Dementia chat rooms Dementia to receive support and share information.

Dementia chat rooms [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)