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If you need help outside of our normal business hours, or if our representatives are busy assisting other callers when you call, you can use our digital tools and resources. What Can Emma Do? Emma , our online virtual assistant, quickly answers questions about immigration benefits and guides you through our website. How Do I Guides. Uscis chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt) WHEN WILL YOU FIND TRUE LOVE BUZZFEED

Gonzlez My question is on behalf of my relatives who live in Haifa, Israel. Because of the current extreme warfare situation it is impossible to feel save, work and live in Israel. Thus they are forced to considerate another immigration and the only place they fell save and comfortable to go to is United States of America.

Is there is a possibility for them to immigrate to America and be granted a status of legal resident, so they can live and work here, contributing uscis chat room best?

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Truly Yours, Yelena. America has a great legacy as a welcoming country for legal immigrants. In most cases, the immigrant visa process begins with the Department of State, uscis chat room. They have a very good web site, www. Also, if you live here in the United States, you may be able to sponsor your relatives to begin the immigrant visa process. The U. Citizenship and Immigration Services web site, www. I have been waiting for adjustment of status to Permanent resident for 8 years now I am an Asylee.

Is there any hope for me? Until Congress passed the Real ID Act in Maythere was a numerical cap on how many people could be granted uscis chat room residence based on having been given asylum.

This built up a large backlog of waiting applicants. The Real ID Act lifted this cap. In response, USCIS developed a production plan to work through the entire backlog of applications and by October 1, to get processing time down to our goal for this kind of application, which uscis chat room 6 months. Since you indicate you filed inyou should anticipate that we will complete processing of your case by the end of this September. I was thriiled uscis chat room see the notice that the premium processing program will be expanded.

When will premium processing be available for I applicants? I Premium Processing will be rolled out in several stages. We plan to announce additional expansions on the website later this year. I enjoyed it Believe it or not, USCIS efficiency, consistency has improved significantly, altough there is a lot uscis chat room room for improvement. Thank you, Amit. Thank you uscis chat room your important feedback.

This year we established a Transformation Program that ensures the progress our agency has made over the last several years will continue into the future. Key to our success will be the establishment of an electronic case management system that will make it easier for our customers to apply for immigration benefits while meeting critical security requirements to keep our Nation safe.

During the coming months, information will be provided to our customers regarding these important initiatives. With international adoptions taking much longer to complete, how is the USCIS addressing requests to lengthening the time to find friends by city IH and other related documents are valid?

Thanks for your question, Donald. We are very much aware of this issue and recognize that there are concerns with the process. Currently, USCIS is closely reviewing the existing regulations regarding the IH which is the inital step in the approval process for parents seeking international adoptions.

Our top priority at USCIS continues to be preserving the integrity of the immigration system in this county. While providing accurate and responsive immigration service is of paramount importance, UISCIS does not do so at the expense of national security or public safety.

To this end, USCIS conducts law enforcement checks on all applications and petitions before they are adjudicated, completing approximately 35 million background checks a year. In addition, USCIS maintains a strict policy requiring that all law enforcement checks be resolved prior to granting an immigration benefit by obtaining necessary information from appropriate law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

What can I do to become a naturalize citizen? I have live here for 15 years under the TPS policy. I am originally from Liberia, West Africa. We are consider an the American Liberians or Congos people that parents originally came from here and went back to africa. Are my options generally to become a Republican, or Democrat, or marry a us citizen? What other options I have to Naturalize. Thanks for the opportunity. She also knows a lot of common search terms.

Will USCIS look at my online social networking postings?

She can:. Emma is fluent in both English and Spanish, and she will always type out her answers. Currently, the sound feature is only available on our English website.

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Emma works on desktop and laptop computers and mobile devices. To send your feedback or ask for technical support, please email us at askemma uscis. Please do not send questions about your personal situation or case to this mailbox; instead, check your case status online or call us at Skip to main content. You have many ways to get basic information about immigration services and ask questions about a pending case.

Through our digital self-help tools and live assistance, the USCIS Contact Center provides a pathway for you to get consistent, accurate information and answers to immigration case questions. If uscis chat room are an applicant, petitioner, or legal representative, sign up for a USCIS online account to access personalized, real-time information about individual cases from your computer, cell phone, or tablet. Through your online account, you uscis chat room track the status of your case.

You may send an online message to get help if you have been locked out of your USCIS online account or need other technical assistance. Emmaour online virtual assistant, quickly answers questions about immigration benefits and guides you through our website. She is available in English and Spanish. We have a number of mature women doing yoga and free online tools you can use to manage your case, any time, on any device.

These include:.


If you already filed a paper form, you can still create an account and receive all the benefits on the online account, including personalized case processing times.

Uscis chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)