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Only, there really aren't very many elves in Elf Only Inn. Geoph Mo'drin token dark elf. SysOp the man behind the curtain. Tree: Woody. Duke, Megan, Woot, Nimoy and the other cast members all interact in the make-believe world of Elf Only Inn, which they access from their computers across the country. Elf chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Several websites now offer children the chance to write and receive live messages from their favorite holiday hero, Saint Nicholas, and some sites even let kids write messages to elves and Mrs.

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Claus too. Parents should always use online Santa chats to be sure the content is in line with family values before letting kids online! Some are more polished than others—but generally, a Santa chat can be really fun and amusing for kids and adults. Here are a few we have found:. Santa Bot www.


It is automated, but it is still clever and fun to use! Gondor and Rohan were both allies with the Elves and Dwarves but it was a can they didn't want to open. Many Dwarves died during the cruel era called the Stank Mines.


The biggest cause of elf chat room were exploded rectums causing anal seepage, which in turn led to bacteria infections. The Elves had no remorse. The Dwarves finally rose up and revolted. Most Elves died due to being allergic to axe handles being thrusted up their anus. This gave coining to the phrase "You rip what you sow", ass holes that is. These Elves keep raping all of the Dwarfs. Someone should do something to the Elf chat room to prevent this happening all the time.

Elf unknown. A fantasy creature that tends to have sex with everything natural thus creating Night ElvesWood ElvesFrost Elves and other such creations of rampant sexually activity with the things of the world. That elf chat room is having sex with the air to produce a Night Elf. Tree: Woody. Wood Elf : Yes? Tree: I'm pregnant. You stupid bitch! I thought you were on the pill! Tree: I lied so I could get the child support. They've never met, but their relationships are real.

Typically, the story never goes outside the chatroom, but there will be a few references to the "real world" and the "real lives" of the people who are otherwise known only by their online alter egos.


And, since Elf Only Inn is a chat room run by an anally retentive moderator, all foul language is blocked out with asterisks. There isn't one, nor is it based off of any specific chat room.

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It's just a comic, and none of the characters are based on specific people. As of right now I have no intention of maintaining an EOI forum for the comic, either. Elf chat room subject to change, but it's not high on my list of things to do. How do I join Elf Only Inn n-e-way? I haven't been roleplaying in a chatroom in a very long time, and the only person I want to chat with now lives with me. Drawing Elf Only Elf chat room is mostly a bit of fond nostalgia for me. You may use the art on this site for Livejournal icons or custom Elf Only Inn banners, and if you want to include any of the EOI cast as a cameo in your own comic that's fine with me; just let me know so I can see.

Anything else requires my permission.

Elf chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)