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Just ending my first year in the penny silver alerts. For starters, Tim Sykes is considered one of the best penny stock traders in the industry today. Tim seems a legit men. I dont pay for them cuz you can do your own research and easilly get the same stocks www. Timalerts chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Keep the great picks coming!

New Rules For My Chat Room

The material is not to timalerts chat room construed as an offer or a recommendation to buy or sell a security nor is it to be construed as investment advice. Additionally, the material accessible through this website does not constitute a representation that the investments described herein are suitable or appropriate for any person.

Past performance is not indicative of future results. You should be aware of the real risk of loss in following any strategy or investment discussed on this website or on the show.

Strategies or investments discussed may fluctuate in price or value. Investors may get back less than invested. Taking him up on the offer was an obvious choice, especially considering that I and many of the people in my chat trade the same stocks he does and thus want to discuss what he is doing.

So as of tomorrow, that is where I will be during the trading day. This will make the TimAlerts chat a worthwhile place for traders to see what is moving in the markets and to learn from other traders. With my moderation there will no timalerts chat room be distracting off-topic discussions.


The addition of a moderated and thus more useful chat makes TimAlerts an even better deal. Frankly, I think the chat alone will be worth the price of TimAlerts. I hope I see you in the new chat tomorrow. If you do come, make sure to read the rules below. Be polite. Tickers are to be typed in CAPS. Stock chat abbreviations can be found below and should never be in CAPS.

There is also a list of general chat abbreviations below. Stay on timalerts chat room during the trading day; keep to stock alerts and brief timalerts chat room of potential trades. Feel free to chat about anything after trading hours. His strategy is mainly rooted in technical analysis in which he makes use of stock charts to arrive at almost all his trading decisions.


In addition, he pays focus to elements like news catalysts, paid promotions and earnings. For instance, in a situation where a stock runs just because of a paid promotion, Tim might come into conclusions that the company is a fraud and most probably the share prices are likely to drop once the promotion comes to an end.

However, with so many investors and traders catching on to his trading strategy, it is becoming harder to find some shares to short of stocks. Timothy Sykes runs a chat room through the Profit. In his chat room, members are able to see live trade alerts by Timothy or his moderators. However, Sykes is timalerts chat room active in the chat room. Instead, he spends most of his time traveling, doing interviews and building his empire.

So for new traders who would like one-on-one time with Sykes, they are likely to be disappointed. In addition, he alerts his subscribers about his trades in the chat room through phone alerts and emails so they can take action on time. Depending on how quick you are at taking action once you receive the alerts, the alert feature can either be good or bad. Tim Sykes chat room also gives traders the option to block chats from some traders which is a nice addition because the chat room is always filled with new traders timalerts chat room make it quite noisy.

Besides growing his million dollar portfolio, Sykes is passionate about teaching other traders and investors his trading methods. He claims to have groomed a lot of traders to be millionaires like him.


His trading courses are available as live streaming DVDs which appear to be the standard content-delivery technique for many online trading courses. According to different reviews, the trading courses seem to be well detailed and comprehensive especially for new traders. Also, Tim offers over 4, video lessons which are released weekly. The timalerts chat room lessons are optional but they do offer new traders great value.

In fact, most people refer to the video library as a gold mine. The platform provides traders with trading chat rooms, trade verification, and analysis as well as trading courses.

Cryptocurrency price moves are off-topic, except when they can affect stocks. We are not investors. The chat room timalerts chat room not the place for your in-depth due diligence on stocks you are trading. If you do something like that, please discuss it outside of market hours. Stay on topic by keeping to stock alerts and brief discussion two sentences or less of trades from AM EST to PM EST the 30 minutes prior to the open and the whole trading day.

Everything that is not a stock alert or a brief discussion of a current or potential stock trade is off-topic during this time.

No pumping, cheering, or bashing stocks. If there is relevant news, then post it and post a link. Please no questions during the trading timalerts chat room i.

You can private message Michael Goode or Tim Lento with such questions during the trading day. If you would like to discuss something with a particular user, kindly ask them to join you in the off-topic room. Do not answer questions in TIMalerts chat. Questions and alerts on whether a stock is shortable are off-topic during market hours.

Tim Sykes Chatroom Review - Is It Really Worth It?

Instead, when someone does mention an opinion or thought on XYZ you can ask them to elaborate on their reasons for thinking the stock will go a certain way. Anyone violating chat room rules or just being annoying will be gagged anything they type will not be seen by others. Timalerts chat room abuses can lead to completely banning a subscriber from the chatroom.

Tim Sykes Review

Significant abuses that will lead to banning from chat include but are not limited to: spamming, harassment of other users, use of demeaning or racist language, and encouraging people to violate the law.

Timalerts chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)