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Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 20 of Thread: Narcissism. Narcissistic abuse chat room I don't know what led me to google the disorder narcissism I was kind of bored I guessbut I did and I found it really interesting and I thought it would be good to post about it just because people sometimes find themselves in a relationship with a narcissistic person and they don't even know it until much later down the road and, once pinpointed, can be really scary. And as ridiculous or cliche as it may seem, maybe this thread will come as a blessing to someone who really needs to be woken up to see what's really staring them in the face.

So here's a list of characteristics of a narcissist. Recognizing a Narcissist.


Man, I am seriously hoping this isn't me. It pretty much explains me. Aside from the lying bit. But if I actually wanted to lie - I think I could quite easily while looking into someones eyes. Originally Posted by Gabriel.

New Online Support Group for Narcissism Survivors

Originally Posted by soliloquy Sounds more like a description of a Sociopath, to me. Then again, my name is Alphachick. Check out our new Private Chat Room, narcissistic abuse chat room allows you to talk real-time with other subscribing members of The Path Forward and our Moderators! However, members have understandably not been fond of it because it did not show you who else was in the Chat Room when you were on-line.

As a result of new technology, and your continued interest in having this feature, we have upgraded our website to accommodate an improved Private Chat Room. Our new Chat Room will show you who is on-line when you are and will be faster and more user-friendly overall.


We hope you will agree, of course, and welcome all feedback. Due to the cost of the upgrade, and the need to invest in a dedicated server to manage our traffic, there is a yearly fee to subscribe.

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