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Socket Chatroom server - Creating chat application with sockets in Python

Use the menu to the left of your message to edit or remove it within the two minute edit period. We can provide help with community moderation, but continued heated or negative discussion is not healthy for the room. Cute fluffy animals are cool, okay!? It is especially useful in cases where we're attempting to python chat room many connections simultaneously. While you could use a for loop to just iterate over all of the sockets, using select is going to be far more efficient and will scale much better, mainly since it's going to work on your OS layer, rather than all the way through Python.


For how to use it, we'll talk about it more when we get to that point! Next, we can set the following to overcome python chat room "Address already in use" that we hit often while building our programs:. Next, we'll create a list of sockets for select to keep track of, as well as begin our clients dict:.

Now, this server's main job is to receive messages, and then disperse them to the connected clients. For receiving messages, we're going to make a function:. If a find my tricks closes a connection gracefully, then a socket.

We can handle for that with:. All suggestions will be greatly appreciated. This is more of a personal preference, but fstring formatting is more readable than the following:. If we send two or more messages from any side at once, another side will receive only a single message at once rather than all.

Python chat room up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Socket chat room in Python Ask Question. This would require port forwarding in cases where a node from a local network node that isnt the router wishes to host the server. In this case, we would require any requests that come to the public IP addresses to be python chat room routed towards our private IP address in our local network, and would hence require port forwarding.

For more reading on port forwarding: link. To run the script, simply download it from the GitHub link specified at the bottom of the post, and save it at a convenient location on your computer. The client side script will simply attempt to access the server socket created at the specified IP address and port.

Once it connects, it will continuously check as to whether the input comes from the python chat room or from the client, and accordingly redirects output. If the input is from the server, it displays the message on the terminal.

If the input is from the user, it sends the message that the users enters to the server for it to be broadcasted to other users.


Output: In the picture given below, a server has been initialized on the left side of the terminal and a client script on the right side of the terminal. For initialization purposes, you can see that whenever a message is sent by a python chat room, the message along with IP address is shown on the server side. The below picture has a basic conversation between two people on the same server. Multiple clients can connect to the server in the same way!


Link to download script: link. This article is contributed by Deepak Srivatsav.

Python chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)