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Categories : Female characters in television Fictional characters introduced in DC Comics martial artists Fictional reporters Smallville characters Fictional waiting staff Superman in other media. When Oliver Queen began a romantic relationship with Lois, he half-jokingly commented that Clark masked his feelings for Lois with sarcasm due to the two of them living under the same roof for so long. Lois was surprised by this and prepared to defend herself against Maxima's attack, but Clark arrived in time to save Lois by super speeding away with Maxima. Their destined relationship began when they met at the beginning of his senior year of high school when Lois found Clark lying naked in the middle of Miller's Field. When do clark and lois start dating smallville [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Before Lois can leave Smallville, her father Michael Ironside informs her that she failed to achieve all of her high school credits and that he has enrolled her in Smallville High so that she can complete her twelfth-grade year.

In season five 's "Fanatic", Jonathan Kent John Schneiderwho is running for the state senateasks Lois to be his campaign manager after witnessing her take charge against his former campaign manager, whom Jonathan fires when he published a statement that goes against Jonathan's values. Her story is bought by the Inquisitora tabloid newspaper that gives her a job as a reporter. In season seven 's "Kara", while looking into Lex's research projects, Lois discovers an alien spaceship.

Her attempt to craft a news story out of the situation lands her a job at the Daily Planet —in the basement alongside her cousin Chloe. She eventually discovers Chloe's whereabouts and arrives, alongside Clark, to save her. In the same episode, she almost shares a kiss with Clark before being interrupted by the arrival of Clark's ex-girlfriend Lana Lang Kristin Kreuk. During the fight, Lois picks up a Legion ring that falls out of Clark's desk and is instantly transported to another time and place.

In season nineLois returns from the future suffering from visions of Earth having been overrun by aliens, led by Zod Callum Blue.

Clark finally confesses his secret to her in "Isis" and they begin their relationship again free of secrets.

Lois convinces the US military not to bomb Darkseid's homeworld of Apokolipsallowing Clark to finally embrace his destiny and defeat Darkseid himself. Series developer Al Gough contends that it was always the producer's intention to bring in the iconic Lois Lane, they just needed a good reason to do it—Chloe's supposed death at the end of season three appeared to be that reason.

They wanted an actress who was "pretty", "smart", and who came with some "wit". As executive producer Greg Beeman describes Durance, "She had a toughness about her. She was tough and sexy and direct. The lateness of her casting forced Durance to start filming only three days after being hired, with no time to prepare for the role.

Under the initial agreement, Durance was only to portray the character for a total of four episodes, but, after a discussion with Peter Roth over how they planned to use the character on the show—insisting that she and Clark would not be having a romantic relationship—the feature film division then cleared the character for more episodes.

After the character was cleared for more episodes, the creative team decided to plant her in the Kent home so that she could provide a constant annoyance to Clark. To separate the physical appearance of Lana and Lois from each other, the producers had highlights added to Durance's hair, as she and Kristin Kreuk both shared a similar brunette coloring.

Series writer Brian Peterson discusses how the writing staff chose to develop the character: "In the Smallville pilot, Al and Miles established Lex and Clark as best friends, which is, to me, one of the best aspects of the show.

So when you're introducing his future love interest, why not introduce her, not as an enemy, but as the one who is constantly going to butt heads with him, where they're not gonna like each other at all at first? I think that because we single moms dating in hyderabad such a different take on her, it wasn't that intimidating. She could grow into the person that everybody sees on-screen later.

Writer Kelly Souders felt that if tabloid when do clark and lois start dating smallville were good enough for Perry White —an additional character established in season three's "Perry"—then they are good enough for Lois Lane. It adds depth to the character by showing how she struggled before becoming "the reporter we all know and love".

As Lois steps closer to her ultimate destiny at the Daily Planet, the writers have continued to evolve the character by having her grow out of the "black and white" mindset and have her begin seeing shades of gray. The writers wanted the character to realize that there is sometimes a middle road that has to be taken.

In this case, Lois is acting more mature, taking charge in being a mentor to Clark as he mature women ft worth into his new job.

As Durance explains, "[Lois has] got her confidence as a journalist and on the inside, she's going oh my god I'm truly in love with [Clark], more in love than I've ever been with anyone. When developing the characteristics of their version of Lois Lane, the writers took inspiration from other leading ladies in cinema, for example, Karen Allen 's character Marion Ravenwoodfrom Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Todd Slavkin describes the character as having a "sophisticated, worldly experience", and was considered to be more of an adult than the rest of the cast. Durance believes that she embodies many of the characteristics that the creative team wanted to show in their version of Lois, specifically the fact that Lois has a lot of "nervous energy" from trying to "find herself", the same nervous energy that Durance brings to the role. The actress also relates to Lois's sassy, and independent nature, but, conversely, she is not as extroverted as Lois.

He goes on to further describe how she is not afraid of getting herself when do clark and lois start dating smallville trouble just so she can dig herself out. One of Lois's key relationships is with Clarkwho is her husband in the comics. For Smallvillethe characters' relationship is in constant development. Darren Swimmer describes the relationship between Lois and Clark in season five as "a bit of a melting of the ice".

The two characters continue to "butt heads", but the audience can see where there is a growing attraction and that either would be there for the other in a time of need.


Then there was Maxima who had come to Earth to pursue a relationship with Clark, but her attempts failed when Lois caught her and Clark together, breaking her hold on him. Maxima told Lois that Clark would have never been able to break through her hold had it not been for his feelings for Lois.

Lois also demonstrated a certain attraction for Clark on the three occasions where she witnessed him openly using his powers, although she always forgot what she saw in the aftermath [4]but came to appreciate him as a person after they started working together in the Daily Planetuntil Clark felt ready to tell her his secret himself. After Chloe's alleged death, her cousinLois Lane, went to Smallville to investigate. Knowing that Chloe had a close relationship with Clark KentLois went in search of Clark for answers.

Clark was disoriented, naked, as well as suffering from amnesiaso Lois came to his aid and took him to the Smallville Medical Center.

As there was when do clark and lois start dating smallville known family to look after Clark, the receptionist assigned Lois to watch over Clark until he could be identified. Lois clearly found this responsibility a nuisance but reluctantly obliged.

Once Lois discovered that he was in fact Clark Kent, she was keen to get to know him better to help with her investigation. However, Martha Kent was keen to keep them apart while he was under the influence of his Kryptonian persona. After Clark returned to normal, Clark offered to help Lois uncover Chloe's death and suggested she stay at his house while she was in town.

Lois and Clark's personalities wildly clashed during her stay, as she had little respect for his privacy when do clark and lois start dating smallville even barged in on him in the shower, much to his shock. As soon as they began their investigation and even after finding Chloe alivethey continued to argue and trade insults. However, when Lois revealed that her mother had died when she was little, Clark sympathized with Lois.

Lois and Clark's reaction after they found out Lois would be staying a little longer. Clark was less than thrilled when he discovered that Lois would be staying in Smallville for a while longer, as she had failed her last semester of high school and had to finish at Smallville High.

Lois was also desperate to leave and helped Clark and Chloe write articles for the Smallville Torch for extra credit. Early in the year, she dunked Clark in the school dunk tank.

The 'Smallville' Episode That Made You 'Ship Lois & Clark Long Before They Actually Got Together

Clark and Lois talk about siblings in Lucy. Lois was kicked out of the University shortly after and relied on Clark to let her stay at the Kent Farm again. Lois wound up staying in Clark's bedroom for the remainder of the school year while Clark slept on the couch.

Although they usually fought, they sometimes had moments of friendship as Lois tried to adjust to small town life and the strange goings-on in Smallville. Lois threw a party for Chloe's eighteenth birthday in Clark's barn. Although Clark warned Lois that he had someone coming from Princeton University to interview him, Lois showed no concern and went ahead with the party plans anyway.

Lois also showed that she was not impressed with Clark's choice of girlfriend, when he started a relationship with ex-mental patient, Alicia Baker. Despite getting closer, their bickering continued. Lois hit a dog when do clark and lois start dating smallville brought him to the Kent farm.

Even though Lois was highly allergic, Clark decided to keep him. In retaliation, Lois suggested they name the dog 'Clarkie' on the grounds that he was annoying and she couldn't come within ten feet of him without feeling sick. Clark was surprised when Lois suggested that she accompany him to the Senior Prom.

Seeing how beautiful she looked in her prom dress, Clark agreed. However, he later discovered that Lois was possessed by the spirit of Dawn Stiles and once Lois was exorcised of her, Lois was not impressed chronic fatigue syndrome chat she was Clark's date.


Clark attempted to have a dance with Lois but she politely declined saying "thanks but I'm not the one you wanna dance with, she is" pointing at Lana Lang arriving at the dance. The day Clark graduated from high school, Clark didn't even try to conceal his delight when Lois announced that she and her father were leaving town to locate her sister. She started to give him a compliment about graduating high school but couldn't resist the opportunity to tease him one last when do clark and lois start dating smallville.

The second meteor shower interrupted Lois' plans to leave and instead, she met up with Clark again at the hospital. Clark thanked Lois for being there for his parents while he was trying to save Smallville. Lois was nearly drownedbut Arthur Curry manage to saved her. Lois quickly developed feelings for him. However, Clark remained suspicious of AC, as he exhibited metahuman powers in the water. Lois thought that Clark was jealous and got angry with Clark.

After the confusion was set straight, Arthur left and Lois and Clark reconciled. Clark comforted Lois as she began to wonder if she would ever find the right guy. Acting independently of each other, Clark and Lois went undercover to investigate the murder of a stripper that was connected with Jonathan's friend, Senator Jack Jennings. Clark was surprised to see Lois posing as a stripper to infiltrate the club. He was clearly embarrassed and uncomfortable to see Lois like this, although Clark's eyes seemed drawn to the scantily-clad Lois.

The investigation led to Lois being kidnapped by Mr. Lyonbut Clark super-sped to the rescue. Lois appreciated Clark's help, although she found it difficult to thank him.

On that occasion, she described him as "a really good friend. Lois seemed insulted when Graham Garrett suggested that she was Clark's girlfriend. She then started a relationship with Graham, but when Clark discovered that he was a serial killer, Clark warned Lois away from him.

Suspecting that Clark was jealous again, Lois got angry with Clark until Chloe revealed the truth about Graham. Lois then realized that Clark only had her best interests at heart and helped save him from Graham, who had discovered Clark's weakness to kryptonite. After Lois moved out and got an apartment of her own, Clark and Lois became better friends, as they had more space between each other.

They had thoughtful conversations about their shared uncertainty of their own futures. Lois believed that Clark kept his feelings bottled up, so she gave him a diary for his nineteenth birthday. She even gave him advice after he broke up with Lana, suggesting that maybe Lana wasn't everything Clark had been hoping for in a relationship after all.

She offered him further advice, which made Clark realize that perhaps Lois understands him better than anyone. Following Lois' injury in a plane crash, Clark visited her at the hospital where Lois confided in him about her experience. After he told her that he was glad she was all right and affectionately touching her hand, both of them noticed that they were becoming closer.

This moment was then abruptly interrupted, becoming awkward and reverting them to their usual banter. Lois kisses a disguised Clark in Hydro. After Oliver Queen came to Smallville and he and Lois started a relationship, Oliver suggested that Clark was a bit jealous and possibly had feelings for Lois that he himself wasn't aware of. When Oliver turned out to be a good guy, Clark told him that if he continued to keep his identity as Green Arrow a secret from Lois, their relationship was doomed to fail, having learned this the hard way from his relationship with Lana Lang.

Soon, Lois began to rightly suspect that Oliver was the Green Arrow and enlisted Clark's help to prove it.

Instead, Clark dressed up as the Green Arrow to help Oliver keep his identity secret. After Oliver appeared next to the costumed Clark, Lois slapped Clark and he sped away. When he took off his disguise, he was surprised at Lois' actions, but also visibly pleased. Lois later declared the Green Arrow Clark a fabulous kisser, even better love find a 80s Oliver.

On Valentine's DayJimmy Olsen attempted to set Lois and Clark up on a date, reasoning that the two of them had chemistry, but after they were left alone, Lois and Clark parted company. Nevertheless, Lois then tried a red kryptonite lipstick and became infatuated with Clark.

While Clark seemed into it but as well felt uncomfortable with Lois' advances, she continued to pursue him aggressively. Once Lois was finally able to pin Clark down and kiss him, the lipstick infected him as well, enabling Clark to gladly reciprocate her feelings. This kiss also caused Lois to recognize as the Green Arrow from their earlier embrace, but he explained that he was only covering for Oliver. Under the influence of red kryptonite, Clark revealed his powers to Lois and took her on a moonlit leap from the Daily Planet rooftop to Queen Tower.

At Oliver's home, Clark and Lois became very intimate, ripping off each other's clothing, until Clark became distracted by Lois' invitation to Lex and Lana 's engagement party.

They then crashed the party where he left Lois to kidnap Lana. Lois was upset until Jimmy sprayed her with the antidote and she went back to herself. She was left with no recollection of what had happened and was surprised to discover that she had a "Lois and Clark Forever" tattoo on her cleavage, which fortunately was only temporary.

She approached Clark to discover what he remembered from their escapades, nervous that they might have slept together, which they had not. Clark teased Lois about her infected behavior until when do clark and lois start dating smallville discovered a Whitesnake CD she had given him, prompting her when do clark and lois start dating smallville comment that " I must really have liked you to give you that CD".

This caused them to become uncomfortable, when do clark and lois start dating smallville, but the awkward tension between them quickly left. Lois went to the Luthor Mansion to find evidence of Lex's secret experiments at Reeves How to describe yourself on a dating site even though Clark warned her not to go. He was clearly concerned for Lois' safety, as she made it her mission to go up against the Luthors.

While at the mansion, Lois came across Clark's doppelganger, Bizarro. Attracted to her, Bizarro hit on her, which she did not appreciate. She slapped him and later, believing that it had been Clark, reprimanded Clark for it. When Clark told Lois that he was going to leave Smallville, she was clearly upset, although she covered up her feelings by making it seem that she only wanted him around to harass. Clark decided to stay, but he and Lois spent some time apart, as he was busy looking after his newly arrived Kryptonian cousinKara, as well as his renewed relationship with Lana.

Meanwhile, Lois was busy with her job at the Daily Planet and her new relationship with the editor, Grant Gabriel. When Lois' relationship with Grant fell apart and her subsequent attempt to reignite her relationship with Oliver failedClark comforted Lois. She clearly appreciated this and the two of them embraced. She tried to return the favor when he was grieving for Lana after she was attacked by Brainiac.

Lois was saddened that she wasn't able to help Clark more and reverted to a 'buddy' relationship by taking him for a drink. Lois was keen to help Clark apply for an internship at the Daily Planetindicating their growing relationship. Once Lana recovered, she quickly made a decision to leave Smallville and left Clark a video explaining alone4 com fast dating decision, as well as ending her relationship with him.

Lois walked in as Clark was watching it and offered him a comforting hug and he appreciated her support. Inwhen Clark visited an alternate reality in which he never came to Earth, he rescued Lois - a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist - when she was abducted by the Department of Domestic Security. Lois appreciated his help and was impressed by his superpowers. Despite lacking any knowledge of Clark as a person, she trusted him and offered him help to find out what Lex Luthor and Milton Fine were up to.

Following Clark's return after he temporarily lost his powers during the collapse of the Fortress of Solitudehe bumped into Lois while they searched for Chloe at Black Creek. Lois seemed pleased to see him, although surprised, as he had been missing for several weeks. They indian dating websites in india each other with their usual banter and once they had rescued Chloe, Clark took up Lois's earlier suggestion to work at the Daily Planet.

Lois was surprised at Clark's change of heart but seemed pleased that Clark would be working at the desk opposite hers, although she kept her feelings hidden from Clark. Lois greeted Clark on his first day and took him under her wing to teach him all she knew about journalism. She gave him one of her colleagues' spare suits to borrow and seemed attracted to his new, smarter look.

They began to work on stories together and they seemed to appreciate each other's help. When Maxima, a super powered alien queen with mind-altering powers, came on to Clark, he was unable to resist her endorphin kiss. Lois walked in on Maxima and Clark making out in the elevator and was noticeably shocked and upset by what she had seen. Seeing Lois, Maxima's spell over Clark was broken and he rushed after Lois, although she claimed to not care about Clark's love life and quickly rushed off.

Perceiving Lois as a threat and jealous of Lois's connection with Clark, Maxima went after Lois with intention to kill her. Lois denied any bond between her and Clark, but Maxima explained that a bond between them was the only way Clark was able to resist her influence. Lois was surprised by this and prepared to defend herself against Maxima's attack, but Clark arrived in time to save Lois by super speeding away with Maxima. Once Dating app for rockers had returned Maxima to her home planet, Almerache discussed with Lois what had happened.

Maxima had made Clark think about soul mates and he wondered aloud to Lois if he would recognize his soul mate. Lois assured him that he would know when the right woman came along, but remained secretive regarding what Maxima had said to her. Clark then offered Lois her old room back at the farm, but she declined.

Lois got drunk at Chloe and Jimmy's engagement party and Clark took her to the Kent Farm to make sure she was safe.

Lois awoke on the sofa wearing Clark's red football jersey and was nervous that they might have slept together. Clark quickly put her mind at rest and then drove Lois back to her apartment. When they arrived Lois listened to an answering machine message that she had drunkenly left, talking about how cute Clark was and how he is the one who come to her rescue not Oliver. Lois was clearly embarrassed but claimed it was just the alcohol talking. Surprised that Chloe and Jimmy had not returned to their apartment yet, Clark and Lois began to investigate the situation, discovering that several engaged couples had been recently kidnapped.

Lois and Clark posed as a couple in various shops to try to lure out the kidnapper. Clark was reluctant to do this, while Lois seemed to enjoy it. The situation became a bit awkward, however, when do clark and lois start dating smallville Oliver stumbled into their jewelry shop and they continued to pretend to be engaged.

Their plan backfired when Lois was kidnapped and Clark was weakened by the kidnapper's kryptonite bracelet. With both Lois and Clark tied up in electric chairs and wired to a lie detector. The kidnapper, Macybegin to ask them questions.

Lois tried to explain that they were not even a couple, but Macy continued his game, asking her if she loves Clark. Wanting to spare Clark the pain of another electric shock, but keen to keep her feelings hidden, Lois hesitated. Clark encouraged her to tell the truth and was surprised to hear Lois admit that she did love him. This registered as the truth and Clark was then asked the same question.

Before he was made to answer, Clark overpowered Macy and escaped with Lois. After this, Lois was clearly embarrassed and keen to avoid Clark. When Clark caught her in the elevator, he broke the tension and eased her obvious discomfort by saying she was able to trick the lie detector.

With quick thinking and a quick tongue, Lois took advantage of this, saying she had slipped the sensor off her finger, leaving Clark to wonder about Lois's true feelings, as well about his own feelings had he answered that same question. Clark was surprised when Lois set up a date with Sebastian Kanea new colleague of theirs. While she was preparing for the date, Clark helped her zip up her dress, which he seemed to enjoy. She later confessed that it was not really a date, as she was investigating him for his meteor infection.

When this put her in trouble, Clark prioritized saving Lois over concealing his identity and she was amazed when the Blur saved her.

She then told Clark that she would track her hero down, not realizing that it was in fact Clark. Lois, laterdecided to move out of the Talon apartment and accepted Clark's offer to live with him at the farm. However, Clark was clearly nervous about this and tried to discourage her.

Lois was frightened to discover that she was in an alien dimension and relied on Clark for comfort. He reassured her that " No one messes with Lois and Clark ". Clark was very protective of Lois and when they stumbled upon Kara, they hatched a plan to open the portal to send Lois home. When Clark and Kara also escaped, Kara suggested that he should tell Lois his secret, as she thought Lois could handle it.

Kara reassured Clark that he obviously thought so too otherwise he wouldn't have let her get so close. Nevertheless, seeing the danger that he had put Lois in, he decided against it. Lois was left believing that she just had a very lucid when do clark and lois start dating smallville. Clark decided to let Lois stay at the farm, but she changed her mind about moving in when Tess Mercer gave her a raise and she could afford a place on her own.

Lois confessed to Oliver Queen that she was older anal pics by her feelings for someone and feared that she had misjudged the situation.

However, she continued to explain that there had been moments when she could not deny her attraction to this person and she had never felt this way about anyone before and thought that this person needed her.

Correctly when do clark and lois start dating smallville that Lois was referring to Clark, when do clark and lois start dating smallville, Oliver assured her that Clark needed her, which pleased Lois.

Unfortunately, Doomsday's disaster during the reception along with Lana's return both created obstacles in her relationship with Clark. Lois spent some time away from Smallville and when she returned, she was disappointed to find that Clark was three hours late picking her up at the airport.

Keeping his heroic duties a secret, he was unable to explain his delay. Nevertheless, shortly after wards Linda Lake encouraged Clark to expose his true identity after she attempted to blackmail him. Clark chose to ask Lois to write his story. Although she didn't believe him at first, once Clark demonstrated his powers, Lois was clearly impressed.

She assumed that she was the first to know and was disappointed when Clark admitted that Lana and Chloe had known for years. Lois' article made everyone in Metropolis look up to Clark, until Linda convinced people that Clark was an alien invader. Chaos ensued and Lois, trusting Clark implicitly, vowed to clear his name.

Clark came up with his own plan to put a stop to the situation and wanted to use the Legion ring to go back in time to 2 days before he revealed his secret. Lois was disappointed to realize that Clark would not tell her his secret again, thinking that she was not special. Clark reassure her that it is because she was special and he want to protect her. In the new time line, Clark made it a point to pick Lois up at the airport. Lois gave Clark a chance to talk about the 'almost kiss' that happened at the wedding, but Clark said that would be a very complicated conversation.

Lois tried to remain casual and told Clark that she would be at the cafe later and if he decided to come that would be cool. Clark went to the coffee shop and saw Lois waiting, but instead of meeting her, he sent a text from across the street with the excuse that he was held up at work. Lois looked disappointed, she replied that she could not make it either.

When Chloe was made to look like Lois due to a magic spell, she went to the Daily Planet to assume Lois' life. Believing Chloe to be Lois, Clark revealed that Lois had called him six times that day, while he hadn't spoken to Chloe once on her birthday. Chloe quickly noticed how Clark was treating her differently as Lois and once she was when do clark and lois start dating smallville to normal, they discussed his japan social dating relationship with Lois.

Clark said things between them had been a bit uneasy but Chloe believed he was interested in Lois and encouraged them to work things out. However, Lois announced she was going on a date with a guy she had met during a trip and Clark seemed a bit crestfallen that she didn't want to spend time with him.

Lois, remembering that Clark stood her up at the coffee shop, declared that it would be easier if they just remained coworkers, although she seemed pleased that Clark had kept her rules of reporting from when he started working at the Daily Planet. When Clark met her in her disguise, he knew instantly it was Lois. She was angry that he could see through her disguise and showed resentment that he had stood her up that night at the cafe.

Lois ended up saving Clark from a mobster who was about to shoot him. Nevertheless, when Clark found Lois in danger, he took a bullet for her, despite being weakened by kryptonite.

Lois was clearly concerned for Clark and upset that her irresponsible plan had put him in danger, although it worked, as later that same night, Lois received a Phone call from the "Red-Blue-Blur. Lois was pleased with this, while Clark's trust in Lois seemed to grow.

Lois in turn seemed to have gone softer on Clark forgoing past misgivings as he had taken a bullet for her. Clark now encountered a different side to Lois, as he related to her as the Red Blue Blur. When Clark discovered that he would die the next day fighting Doomsdayhe wrote a letter as the Red-Blue Blur to say his goodbyes to the citizens of Metropolis.

Lois arrived as he was finishing this to express her disappointment that he was not helping to find Chloe. When she went to look at his computer screen and he shut it down, she became angry with him, frustrated by his secretiveness. He then called Lois as The Red-Blue Blur to ask her to publish the letter if something were to happen to him. She was shocked that he could die and was clearly concerned for his safety.

She then arranged to meet him by a phone booth, but before she could get there, she was accidentally sent to the future via the legion ring. During Doomsday 's attack, Clark went to the phone booth and was shocked to see that she wasn't there. Clark was nervous that she had been hurt by Doomsday and after Doomsday was defeated, Clark searched for Lois.

When this proved unsuccessful, he confided in Chloe that there seemed no hope of finding Lois. He was clearly upset by this, which aided his decision to turn his back on free interracial relationship sites human persona, when do clark and lois start dating smallville.

Although Clark turned his back on his humanity after Jimmy 's death and Lois's mysterious disappearance, he remained distracted by the return of Lois during his training with Jor-Elshowing that Clark's feelings for her had become romantic. Clark was told by Jor-El to say goodbye to Lois so he could focus on his training but he couldn't,instead he kept reaching out to her as The Blur.

However, Clark found that Lois was in danger by a mysterious woman from the future who was gunning after her, Alia. He made it his mission to protect her and look over her, which Alia had predicted he would do, which was why she had targeted Lois in the first place. This made it clear that Lois and Clark's futures were significantly entwined. When Lois returned to work, she was sad to discover that Clark had taken a leave of absence, as she missed him. She even seemed excited when she heard Clark's chair creaking, believing it to be him, trying to annoy her as he had done the year when do clark and lois start dating smallville.

It turned out that the creaking was done by John Corbena new reporter. As the Blur, Clark continued to keep in contact with Lois via the phone. This was the start of a connection between Lois and Clark as the Blur, making him slowly realize that he needed her.

However, this endangered Lois' life, as he requested her help to stop Corben after he had been turned into a cyborg known as Metallo. Once she was kidnapped, Clark once again came to Lois's rescue. After defeating Metallo, Clark tended to an unconscious Lois, stroking her brow with affection.

When she woke up, she saw the Blur standing in the distance concealing his face in the shadows. While she was overjoyed to see him, she was desperate for the Blur to reveal his face and was disappointed when he super-sped away.

The next morning, Clark restarted his job at the Daily Planet and Lois was thrilled to see him. She ran into his arms, telling him how glad she was that he was back, but she quickly became embarrassed and backed away. Clark then leaned toward her and whispered that he missed her too. The Blur seemed to come in between Lois and Clark, as Clark began to suspect that Lois wanted to be in a relationship with the Blur, which Lois denied. Meanwhile, Lois remained oblivious to the fact that Clark was leading a double life as the Blur.

Lois and Clark found themselves investigating a zombie threat. Lois soon had to defend herself against the entire staff of the Daily Planet that had been transformed into zombies. When Clark eventually arrived, he was keen to protect Lois, although she was skeptical that Clark could defend them. They fought off the zombies together, although Clark was torn between maintaining his secret and protecting Lois.

As a result, Lois was bitten by one zombie. In a safe location Lois and Clark shared a tender moment where Lois, unsure of their chances of survival, decided when do clark and lois start dating smallville share one of her deepest secrets that her involvement with the Blur was not just best dating apps croatia the greater good but also for selfish reasons, but she felt an intimate connection with him that she had never experienced before which made her not want to be alone again.

Clark was very touched by Lois's feelings but failed to tell her his secret when she asked him if he had anything he would like to share. As the threat worsened, Clark rushed off to Chloe to attempt to fix the situation. Clark left Lois in Oliver's care, instructing him to make sure that she did not fall asleep and allow the infection to take effect.

However, Oliver, feeling threatened by Clark and Lois's seemingly blooming relationship, chose that moment to discuss his feelings for her. As Oliver let his guard down, Lois fell asleep and completed the transformation into a zombie. Clark was horrified to discover this and unwilling to inflict any harm onto Lois, he tried to reason with her. Unaware of her actions, a zombified Lois attacked Clark and pushed Clark into the street.

Clark grabbed Lois and held her firmly until the antidote came down as rain and cured her. Relieved to have survived their ordeal together, Lois and Clark shared a romantic embrace in the rain. Later, Lois paid Clark a visit at the Kent farm to thank him for being there when do clark and lois start dating smallville her, stating that she had seen a new side to him, that of a hero.

She also said that while he never did tell her his secret, she would find out eventually. When Jor-El temporarily gave Clark the power of telepathyhe was able to hear Lois's thoughts and was pleased when do clark and lois start dating smallville hear about her deep attraction to him.

Encouraged by her feelings for him, Clark invited Lois on a date. However, due to Toyman 's threat to blow up the Ace of ClubsClark was unable to make his date with Lois. She misunderstood Clark's intentions and believed that Clark was chasing a story without her rather than standing her up again so followed him.

Trying to keep Lois safe, Clark pretended he was only interested in the story, much to Lois's dismay. In an effort to make amends about his dishonesty, Clark shared the byline with Lois after asking her help to finish the article. Clark apologized for letting her down and Lois accepted his apology. Clark inquired how he might get a second date after messing up to which Lois told him, hypothetically speaking, to wait for a slower news day. Clark assured her that hypothetically speaking, he would get it right the next time.

Their relationship was strained when Lois accidentally discovered that Oliver had attempted suicide. She harshly reprimanded him, as she still cared for her former lover. Lois at first tried to get Clark to confide when do clark and lois start dating smallville her, telling him the two should get to know each other more, though Clark was obviously reluctant, pointing out that they're already so close that she tells him the color of her underwear every day.

Despite Lois hinting that she knew the truth, Clark denied it and Chloe helped Clark hide his identity by phoning Lois as the Blur while she was with Clark. Confused, she admitted to her therapist that she was silly to believe that Clark was the Blur. At the Daily Planet, Clark asked Lois to meet him in the copy room. Clark confirmed to her that he had in fact been keeping a secret from her and revealed to her that he needed to wear glasses.

Lois told him that they were "very Clark Kent. Lois teased Clark by recommending contact lenses and that she'd only call him " four-eyes " once in a while. She started to walk away but turned back, initiating a long kiss with Clark. This concluded with Lois having a flash of her recurring vivid dream and collapsing in Clark's arms. As they left, they talked about the fact it was their first personal outing as a couple. Clark suggested they go back to the farm and she jokingly turned him down, but Clark leaned forward and kissed her.

Lois insisted that they slow down in order to get their relationship right. Clark then had to leave her to stop a robbery, leaving her vulnerable to an attack by the Dark Archer. This resulted in her being admitted to hospital and receiving a visit from Zod. Lex and Clark meet for the first time in months, where Clark reveals he knows about the Guardian Platforms.

Lex then begins having hallucinations of Tess. Clark and Oliver stop a group of crooks, as Chloe and Lois discover a ship landing on Earth during the storm. Clark scans in space for any debris from the storm and finds none, while also revealing he has gained Gamma and Infrared Vision. At a LuthorCorp press conferenece, Lois begins questioning an annoyed Lex on his whereabouts during his dissapearence and Tess's murder.

Clark meets Lois at a LexCorp press conference and tells her they cannot prove Lex's involvement just yet. After criticising the Justice League and labelling them failures, Lex announces the Guardian Platforms, as well as the man who will bring them into Orbit, Hank Henshaw. October : Clark and Lois both still work at the Daily Planet but are now top reporters, working on the 8th floor of the building in their own private office.

Smallville 9x09 - Pandora - Lois and Clark decide to become a couple

Clark meets his past self in an elevator and asks him to save Lois from a helicopter crash while he needs to save Metropolis from a nuclear disaster.

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