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The scanning, uploading, and distribution of this book via the Internet or via any other means without the permission of the publisher is illegal and punishable by law. Thank you all. To my father, from whom I inherited his wacky sense of humor. To my divorced desperate and dating read online, for passing on her ability to laugh at her own mistakes, as well as her love of telling a good joke.

To my husband, who makes being married to me look easy, who never complains if I use him in my books or blogs, and who never whines when he has to share me with the characters living inside my head.

To Lieutenant D. Duke Atkins, Jr. As always, thanks to my editor Chris Keeslar and agent Kim Lionetti for putting up with me. And finally, to Erin Galloway, Marketing Manager at Dorchester, who is always there to answer my questions and assist me on whatever crazy idea I get.

The worst part about murdering divorced desperate and dating read online was planning exactly how to do it. She bounced the toe of her strappy sandal against the kitchen island, the portable phone trapped between her shoulder and ear as she waited for the Poison Control Hotline. How much poinsettia leaf would it take to kill someone? Can ya hold? Sue reached for a magazine on the counter. The cover promised to make her a better lover and reduce the size of her thighs in ten minutes.

Instead, she fanned damp free virtual chat rooms with avatars across equally damp skin with the glossy pages. The heck with poinsettia; July in the South could kill.


She heard the telltale humming of her central air just as her cell phone started chiming. Sue tossed away the magazine, rummaged beneath several loose tampons in her purse to find the phone, and pressed it against her other ear.

Hang on. Sue glanced at one silent phone and then the other. With a phone to each ear, she paced and watched Hitchcock, her gray tabby, leap up on the table.

But no more. Or at least she hoped it came with pedal brakes. Doubts about the weekend started to fizz. The kiss that had left her feeling. For the hundredth divorced desperate and dating read online, she wondered if Jason had felt the earth shake that April night, too. Probably not. Not that it mattered now; she was so over him.

Oh, brother. Well, she was almost over him. With one phone pinned between her shoulder and ear, she skimmed her fingers over the slip of sexy fabric and tried not to hyperventilate at the thought of feeling nothing next weekend.

She totally sucked at faking orgasms. Her oohs and aahs never came out in the right pitch. Or at the right time. Something at her entranceway window caught her attention—something tan and about the size of a horse. Her breath caught. Goliath, the English Mastiff. Unfortunately, the dog seldom traveled alone. Hit with a case of fight or flight, and always being more flighty than fighty, Sue grabbed the scrap of black lace and ducked behind the island.

And make your cat behave this time. Sue dropped her new divorced desperate and dating read online on the floor, stood, then gave the sexy garment a toe-nudge into the corner.


You need to have that dog castrated. I was. Kind of busy. But I love you. The last sentence came out with a touch of caring. Sue gave a wave with her pinky.

Dating Separated Or Divorced Women

Her mother came bearing gifts. Now she would really feel guilty for trying to avoid her. Poison Control. Sue tilted her head to the right. And my agent. Lately her mother had seemed extra cheery, and her wardrobe. Fruit colors—apple red, lime green. And every time Sue saw her, the necklines got lower. Sighing, Sue accepted that her feelings might stem from jealousy. And Poison Control? Goliath sniffed at the gold package. Since Grandpa had to have his stomach pumped, I flush everything.

Sue bounced her toe against the island. Then she paused before her mother told her to stop fidgeting. Sue knew she fidgeted, but her brain worked best divorced desperate and dating read online she moved. The panicked voice came back on the line. How much poinsettia leaf was ingested? I just need to know how much it would take to kill a medium-size man.

I usually talk to Lisa. She always answers my—.

Divorced, Desperate and Dating

Her mother pitched the mail on the island and positioned the gold box on the counter. This was on your doorstep. She scooted the stack of bills and the box closer. Sue glanced at the Godiva Chocolatier sticker on the package. She got a funny feeling between her legs.

Divorced, Desperate and Dating: Divorced and Desperate, #2

Dropping the portable phone, she thrust the dog from her crotch. You should train him not to do that. Always the good girl. Her mother scooped up the teddy. Not that it really mattered, anyway. She needed to stop thinking about Dodd altogether and start thinking about Paul.

She bounced her toe against the cabinet. She declined to mention that he was also dull, but four adjectives leaned toward purple prose. Divorced desperate and dating read online only met him that time we passed him on the road. You two never said more than three words to each other. Sue forced herself to stand still. Doctors think all women are hypochondriacs. You are a hypochondriac. Then it occurred to Dating kitchener waterloo that Paul did spend an awful lot of time checking out her feet.

Oh, great. Leave it to her mom to plant more insecurity. Boobs, divorced desperate and dating read online, thighs, turning men into wannabe women. He might. He has shifty eyes. Her mother dropped the nightie. Going cycling with him on a bike with pedal brakes. Her doubts resurfaced. Not yet. So why was she getting that look?

The same look she got when her mother found the gigantic hickey on her neck when she was fourteen. Sue punched off her cell phone. Already Melissa complained about the lack of sexual content in her books.

And as much as I would love to visit with you, I need to straighten my office before Melissa gets here. My agent. Can I help you get Goliath back in the car? She tossed her mom some paper towels. Her mother eyed the box before giving the dog and his drool the one-two swipe. Sue understood. Even from scum, Godiva was. Not that Paul was scum. Either way, Sue was getting a new Wonderbra. After two years, her old one had lost its wonder.

Have a truffle. Then go. Sue pulled at the box. The ribbon floated to the floor. The top came off, followed by the white tissue, and. Sue found her breath and the ability to move simultaneously. The package flew up. Air whooshed into her lungs, and the rat, with the word die written in red across its dead, hairy chest, went sailing up into the air.

Unfortunately, what went up must come down. Her mother jumped, the C-cups boomeranging the rat across the room. On the brink of death, he finds himself in Room Six, a waiting room in the hereafter where in-betweeners' fates are truly decided.

He resigns himself to dying of boredom, if nothing else, in the lineup of senior citizens with their AARP magazines, when in walks the one woman who could make him want a second chance at life. Chloe Sanders learns the hard way that no good deed goes unpunished when she pushes a little girl out of the way of a moving car divorced desperate and dating read online wakes up in some type of purgatory Investigation concepts give good results and elements with guidelines trilogy, diaries integrated novels.

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Divorced desperate and dating read online [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)