Pros and cons of dating a nurse

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The Penguin and The Machine. With the exception of scary nurses from horror movies, nurses are awesome people. Believe me, they have seen all imperfections that a typical human being has to offer; name it, a nurse has encountered it. Nurses are known for their compassion. You will also believe that nurses always wear white garters, fish-net hose, and stilettos. Pros and cons of dating a nurse [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Plus, nurses will never tell you something is too gross so you probably always have someone willing to smash their own spiders. But, you do know when you get with a nurse that they are going to be able to gainfully be employed and bring home a more than respectable living. Nurses can help you go through sort of scary, grown-up chores such as figuring out what kind of insurance plan to take, for example. Nurses are skilled in thoughtfully and calmly formulating plans for success. Do you have any other benefits for dating a nurse?

Nurses are not robots programmed only to give medications and assist doctors. They are compassionate people ready to talk to every patient regarding their situation and give some pieces of advice that are vital for their swift recovery. The good news is that if you love or dating a nurse, you already have your own personal confidante, friend, and counselor ready to pros and cons of dating a nurse you every time you fall.

Infatuation & the ICU: 7 Benefits of Dating a Nurse

It might sound so cheesy but nurses have all the qualifications to take care of your heart and emotions. They are willing to give a part of their selves to people they really love and care about. They work usually reasonable hours. They are all of the good-on-paper things that anyone looking to settle down could ever want, with two striking drawbacks: Occasionally edging into the bitter asperger-y end of nerdiness where you trawl Reddit and resent people enjoying themselves at petite naked women, and on at least one occasion wearing dad sandals.

Urban planner: Bike lanes. Get ready to hear about bike lanes. And I hope you enjoy arguing about gentrification for roughly 40 percent of your total relationship, even while having sex.

Sex will be interrupted to fight about gentrification. Investment banker: Lol. Grad student: Be there for moral support, listen to their pros and cons of dating a nurse about undergrads, and cry with them over financial aid disappointments. Be their rock, because otherwise they will float away into the ether of endless hours in the library and eating dining hall food at age One day, they will be able to return the favor.

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Date A Nurse

Some work in private offices while others work in busy hospitals. Nurse practitioners are at the top of the nursing food chain, and their schedules vary as much as everyone else. Nursing is an incredibly demanding profession full of the most selfless people out there. Dating a nurse comes with challenges just like any other profession, but the rewards that come with dating a nurse make those challenges all the more worthwhile.

With the exception of scary nurses from horror movies, nurses are awesome people. They have a genuine passion for what they do and that translates into an pros and cons of dating a nurse personality and a zest for life. Nursing schedules vary. Nurses in private practices might have a normal schedule while ER nurses could work three hour shifts per week.


I don't care how sweet and demure they may look on the outside inside is someone who has seen things that would gag a maggot, break your heart, or drive a normal person nuts. So most nurses develop a very wicked sense of humour squarely lodged in the black-to-sick side of the scale. Also, in case you are looking for angelic sympathy for the little boo-boo you had in the shop, forget it!

Let's say as a typical male klutz, you manage to saw your finger off.


You go running to your nurse wife who is on the phone with a nurse friend of hers. As she continues to talk to her friend, she gives the stub a good eyeballing, slaps a towel on it, takes out a baggie to put the severed digit in, and tells you to get some ice while she is explaining to her friend that her dummy husband just sawed his finger off.

25 Professions And What It’s Like To Date Someone Who’s In Them

As you stand there bleeding profusely for 15 minutes she calmly finishes her conversation as though nothing is going on until finally she says, "well I guess I better get him to the hospital. On the nurse scale of emergencies, yours is about a minus 9!

Dating At Work ♡ (Nurse Edition)

As my wife has told me, "when you are on a ventilator, with six drips running, your head down and your feet up, then you're sick.

Anything less than that isn't worth getting excited over! There are nurses everywhere. That, in itself, is no big deal.

Pros and cons of dating a nurse [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)